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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
July 24th, 2006

About Our Industry

One of the better things to show up in our mail box is a magazine produced for the fly fishing trade. Trade magazines usually have a narrow interest, in this case fly fishing, but I just have to comment on the quality of this one.

Cover Fly Fishing Trade

The name is Fly Fishing Trade - Inside the Business of Angling. They publish four issues a year and it is free to the 'trade.' If you are in the fly fishing business send them your business card and the magazine will show up. It is supported by advertising, and even the ads are interesting. (Well some anyway.)

The issue we just received includes a profile on the 'Lees Ferry Anglers'; (Terry and Wendy Gunn), one on the environment, 'Avian Flu and Fly Fishing', a neat editorial by Kirk Deeter who spent a bit of time with the Bass tournament guys, 'Tales From The Dark Side' another on Bass Pro Shops idea of working with local fly shops (as well as other organizations) in the Denver area, and an article which was of great interest to me, 'Casting or Catching?'

The 'Casting Or Catching' article made some terrific points on why people buy rods, if the rods are for actual casting, the nymphing folks who high stick and never learn how to cast, or those who take casting seriously as a sport of its own. The other side of that story is who are the rod companies designing rods for? Those for whom it's all about the casting with fishing being "unimportant" to those who buy a rod to land a fish. Interesting stuff.

The article on Avian Flu, which pointed out the misinformation fueled by the media which leads to over-reaction by the fed regulators. Bird feathers by the way, are not bought/used by fly tiers in anywhere near the numbers of "premium and exotic feathers sold in America" to showgirls in Las Vegas.

We'll cover this more in the future, but for now it certainly appears the whole thing is very overblown and doesn't and isn't going to affect American fly tiers. There are already impossibly weird standards US feather exporters have to go through, including documents showing the birds didn't have Mad Cow disease or something else as unlikely. Yes, some suppliers are stockpiling some imported stuff imported just in case an embargo occurs - but like usual, the media has done a magnificent job of not telling the truth.

Anyway, the point of all this is to recommend you sign up for the Fly Fishing Trade magazine if you are in any way involved in the business. It really is well done. They do have a website,

Nice to receive a magazine which really has interesting information. Thanks folks. ~ The LadyFisher

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