This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

July 16th, 2001


Anticipation can be a good thing, or if you are getting ready to place that final cast, not so good. We call it the 'anticipation cast' - everything is going great and then you put a little something extra into it and the cast fails. The fix is don't change anything, just let go of the line.

Anticipating the strike isn't good either. It most often happens with dry flies where you can see the 'take' or in very clear water where the fish is visible. The result on that one is usually taking the fly right out of the fish's mouth before it has had a chance to close his mouth. The fix? Wait for the fish to turn before you raise your rod tip (or on large fish, line-strike the fish). I've spent hours watching the fish in my little pond feed - and 99 times out of a hundred, once the food is in the fish's mouth the fish turns and makes a dash for cover.

Anticipating a trip is priceless! Not to be discouraged at all. The downside is the pile of stuff which absolutely HAS to go is growing. Since we are flying from Sea-Tac airport in Washington State to New York, this can be a problem. The flies are done, sorted, treated and ready. The same for lines, leaders and leader material. I'm still waiting for one rod to show up, because I really wanted to fish it out in the Catskills. The broom must go, always a packing problem. A couple other rods, 3 and 5 wts . . . and since we plan on doing some teaching, probably one 6 wt, the rod pile is growing too. I think the total is 6 plus the broom.

That leaves clothing, and we try and travel light. Nothing fancy, just fishing stuff and something decent for a meal out. We will bring a couple warm jackets too. I suffered hypothermia a few years ago, in JULY fishing at night. Since we plan on night fishing on this trip the turtlenecks and the warm jackets go too. And then there's the waders, breathables so not so bad. But the wading shoes are big and clunky. Hmmmm. Oh, with us 'older-than-dirt folks' there are the meds; another small bag which doesn't get packed in the bags sent as luggage, I hand-carry that one in case any bags are lost.

One thing not going this time is the computer! No lap top this time. (Which also means I won't answer email for a week!) I will take a note pad 'tho, and write down my usual snippets. Those snippets end up as articles here on FAOL.

There will be last-minute things to do. We will make the new week changeover (which is usually done Sunday night) on Saturday night the 21st. The following issue will go up when we return, either late Sunday the 29th or Monday the 30th , depending on how beat we are when we get home. Bear with us, we will try to keep everything on schedule.

For those attending the Fish-In with us, do bring your camera - we will do several pages of photos from the various activities! (Well, that's more to pack here too!)

Aside from the packing, there is real anticipation at going! I need to go fish! I love meeting our readers. It is great fun putting faces on the names we see. I have not been to the Catskills, and there is famous water I want to see. Catching a fish would be icing on the cake, just being there and seeing it for myself is the important part. I want to walk where the great old fly fishers walked. And you can! I want to sit on a stream bank and imagine Charlie Fox or Theodore Gordon fishing their favorite pool. The Catskills are the home of American Fly Fishing, and I want to go 'home.'

When the next issue comes up, watch for a little sign on the front (main) page. There will be a NEW issue, but JC and I will be 'Gone Fishing!' ~ LadyFisher

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