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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

July 8th, 2002

Cash Talks - The Rest Walks

We have a reputation here at FAOL for telling the truth. Calling a spade a spade. While we do try and maintain some common courtesy and consideration for others feelings, I personally feel we as a country have made 'politically correct' a meaningless joke. In trying to not ever, ever offend anyone, we let things slide which a few years ago would be considered just plain wrong.

Fishing, hunting and the right to bear arms, are all under attack. We don't dare call the minority who are attacking those rights "radicals," nor do many stand up and say they are attempting to take our individual rights away from us. These people ARE radicals, who firmly believe their rights are more important than yours. Wrong!

So called "Environmental" groups are attempting to close off large portions of the US coastal waters with the rational it will "save" the fisheries. They are not mis-informed. They lie. They do not in any way attempt to address over fishing, long-line fishing, in shore netting. Instead, (and ignoring the dollars spent by recreational fishers) they blame sport fishers for declining fish stocks. Commercial fishers have netted the bait fish, caused fish to travel terrible distances just to eat, and it's the fault of the sport fishers. Wrong!

Al Campbell's column this week is Black Hills Of South Dakota On Fire. Al stated the facts without name calling. He did not point a finger at the specific group which has held up all timber work in the Black Hills for the past five years. To me it does not matter if it is the Sierra Club or Audubon. Both have been involved in like situations, where their motives are so 'pure' they can do anything at all to get their way. Filing suit, tying people and governments up in court for years, using up public tax payer monies to defend these suits should be criminal! Now the fires have destroyed everything they were trying so hard to defend. What was the point? And the taxpayer gets to foot this bill too. Wrong.

If I were Queen, it would stop. If I had a ton of money I would hire the very finest lawyer to file a class-action suit against those groups and individuals who had the timber sales tied up in the courts in South Dakota. I would demand payment for damages for every tree, building, road, fish and stream affected, lost wages of those who have or will lose work because of the fires, cost of actually fighting the fire, medical expenses, and every possible related expense of all the citizens of that region. I'm talking BILLIONS of dollars. So much money that this organization would be broke and in debt forever. Just maybe the rest would get the message.

Why? Because nothing else seems to work. You cannot reason, explain or give these folks the facts. They know so much more than any of us, we can't possibly be right. Wrong! Again.

Maybe the only way to stop this insanity is to hit them in THEIR pocketbook. Or as my Texas friends say so well, "Cash talks - the rest walks!" ~ LadyFisher

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