This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
June 25th, 2007


Our weeks seem to be very busy and this one wasn't any exception.

First, JC is feeling much better, the lung problem seems to have healed - and we have an appointment Monday with his lung doctor so we hope to have more answers. It is a good idea (at our age at least) to check with your family doctor before you make any long trips.

And while I'm thinking about health situations, if you have prescription drugs, make sure you have enough to last until you return home. If traveling out of the country, the airlines recommend you carry your meds in the prescription bottles/containers you got them in from the pharmacy.

For convenience sake, I have my morning meds in one of those plastic boxes which have a slot for each day. It is a good idea to have a copy of your prescriptions with you. If you are taking anything which you can not miss, make sure you have that 'with' you - not packed in a suitcase in luggage where it might be lost. We pack the meds in one carry-on, which cuts down on at least one possible problem.

We've had passports for many years, and another little tip - make a paper copy of your passport and put one in each suitcase. It serves to identify your bag if it is lost - and - in case your passport disappears, you have proof you have one. Losing a passport can happen - in our case we had one ripped off by a security clerk in a foreign country. We reported it immediately, and JC had it replaced when we got back - (and yes, there was an extra charge to replace it.) The passport office told us it is very common to have them stolen. Who would have thunk?

I'm hoping to travel light on our trip to the Michigan Fish-In. Last year we hit Michigan on the way back from Quebec, and had taken extra rods to fish up there, plus extra clothing since we were going to be gone an extra week. My dad always said "take half the clothes and twice the money." Probably good advice.

We have a big yard, one side of the yard (northside) is almost grassless, and not being one to let a good thing alone, we seeded that last week. Twice a day watering is one more thing to add to the daily schedule. We haven't had much rain, so the rest of the yard and the flower gardens all need watering - and a bunch of the tall bulbs needed to be staked. We do have a yard man who cuts the grass, but he doesn't do much of a job on trimming. JC took that job back, and we do look a bit more organized.

The CD of all the entries for this years' Atlantic Tying Contest showed up from Ronn Lucas, Sr., so we added that to the schedule - wonderful flies, and I encourage you to take a good look and vote for your favorite. We do present the winner of the Reader's Choice with a nice plaque with their name engraved on it. So please vote.

My job is to make sure we have proper clothing for the trip - and JC takes care of the rods, reels, flies and whatever all we need to fish and teach. Last year we shipped a box to Jack Hise, which he brought to the Fish-In for us. That was especially handy since we didn't want to have to go through customs in Canada with twice the gear. It will be simpler this year, hopefully.

We only live about an hour from Seattle - but the airport is between Tacoma and Seattle. We've driven over and left our car in a 'secure' lot, very expensive, and had damage to the car each time. We've settled on taking a cab to the local am/pm station, getting on the 'Airporter' instead of fighting traffic and parking lots. The 'Airporter' goes to each airline terminal, they even carry your luggage to the check-in - no hassle. But the trip takes about two hours.

This year our flight to Traverse City is early morning, so we will have to have the cab pick us up at four in the morning. The good news is we will be able to be at Gates Lodge the same day we leave here, providing we're awake.

We do plan on putting up a new issue of FAOL next Sunday as usual - but - there will not be an issue the following week. Call it our vacation.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends at the Michigan Fish-In and putting faces on names of folks we haven't met yet. If you haven't planned on attending and live in the region, make a point to drive up/down and have a cup of coffee with us.

We'll have the coffee pot on. ~ The LadyFisher

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