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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
June 23rd, 2008

Anyone for Fishing?

Being Publisher of this outfit should have some perks don't you think? Well it's about time, we really are going fishing. We haven't been since the Central Washington Fish-In back on Mother's Day, a bit of a dry spell to say the least.

The pile on the davenport in the livingroom is growing, the problem is going to be getting 50 pounds of stuff into a five pound bucket. Not really that bad, but almost. The airlines are getting snotty about baggage these days. It used to be (like last year) you could have two bags checked for each person, and then one carry on. You can still check two bags, but you pay for the second one. Bad enough that the prices for tickets are out of sight, they think they can make up for the price of aviation fuel by charging to take your luggage. Nice.

We try to travel 'light' whatever that is, but the truth is we have two pair of breathable waders, two pair of wading boots and two wading staffs. That makes one bag. Actually that gear has it's own bag and lives there in the off season. Not a bad idea so we always know exactly where that stuff is.

Then there are rods, reels, lines, flies - you know the routine. We are bringing some hackle from Denny Conrad (Chat Room Host Denny) who is co-owner with his daughter Liz, of Conranch Hackle in Elk, Washington. Denny has been a long-time Sponsor here, and he has sent hackle for our folks to play with at several of the Fish-Ins. You probably have been tying with some other hackle since Denny doesn't sell to shops, so if you are going to be at the Michigan Fish-In, make sure you see my husband, JC, and get some to try. We think you will be amazed. Not only is it terrific, but the price is unreal. All natural, nothing dyed. Denny and Liz are breeding scientifically and keeping complete computer records of the matches required to obtain specific colors. Very involved, but successful.

JC and I have attended the Michigan Fish-In the past two years, and it has been great fun. We always enjoy meeting new folks from our website - and connecting with old friends is the best. We seem to loose some of our friends every year, an unfortunate part of getting old. But with the good Lord willing we will be there this coming Saturday and spend some time in our old fishing grounds.

I'm looking forward to Julie's cooking (always a real treat) in the Dining room at Gates Au Sable Lodge and Castwell has his order in for several perch dinners. I think some of our folks will be standing in line for that one. Castwell also asked Ohiotuber (Mike) to stop in Pinconning on his way to Graying to pick up some cheese - which will be shared at the meet and greet. Lots to look forward to.

When we get back, we have some goodies in store too. Stay tuned, see you in two weeks - we won't be here to put up a new issue next Sunday. If you run out of things to read, try the Lighterside Archives, or Al Campbell. Good stuff.

Keep the light on, we'll be home eventually. ~ The LadyFisher

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