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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

June 21st, 1999

Anti-Gun Nuts

Some weeks ago there was a terrible tragedy in Littleton Colorado. The news media was full of it, and the talking heads debated endlessly on the causes. Everything was targeted, working parents, movies, teen-age music, video games, and the biggie, guns.

I expected someone to explain there are simply too many rats in the cage, but it didn't happen.

What caused that horrible event may never be known. Hard to get answers from dead people. And of course all the "experts" are out in full garb. With their fix so it doesn't ever happen again. Ya right.

Let's do something about gun control. That's the cry. The fact that those two boys broke 19 existing gun laws obviously doesn't count! If there had been a few more they wouldn't have done it. Give me a break.

The problem is the "Sob Sisters of America," or whatever you wish to call them, will and have jumped on any excuse to further restrict the rights of Americans to own and bear arms. I'm not going to get into the whole Constitutional deal on this. We have the right to own and bear arms. I am a gun owner. I have never shot a person.

My first gun, as I'm sure it was for many of you, was a B-B Gun. My dad taught me how to use it responsibly. A tanned bottom would have been the response to misuse. And I don't mean suntan, and yes, you bet it was legal then!

The second gun was a gift from an uncle, a single shot 22, at about age 12. I've hunted pheasants, grouse, partridge, sagehens, ducks, deer, elk, antelope and rabbits with a gun of some sort. I also killed a black bear with a bow.

When JC and I moved to Montana from Michigan we took our hand-guns into the local Sheriff's Department. The deputy asked why were we there? We told him we were there to register our guns. He laughed. Michigan required hand-guns to be registered - in the 1970s. Montana did not.

Currently I also have a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon. And when it runs out I will renew it.

I've given you a little of my personal gun history here because I want you to know I understand the responsible use of guns. As well as our Constitutional right to own and use them. The N.R.A. takes lots of hits from the gun control nuts, when in truth no one has done more to teach the responsible use of firearms.

In the wake of Littleton, we now have even more proposed legislation for more gun control. A recent vote in the US Senate went in favor of more gun control. The media reported it as if it was now law! It isn't!

The House of Representatives voted down whole new bunch of restrictions this past week, but another batch is being 'worked on' by the joint committee of both House and Senate.

Your voice needs to be heard on this. I have sent email to all of my state senators (before the vote there,) and to all my representatives in the House of Representatives. I asked politely for them not to vote for or support more gun control laws, and asked why the laws now on the books are not enforced. (According to Senator John Dingle of Michigan on Fox News this morning, some 22,000 gun laws already exist.)

I hope as responsible fly anglers you take this seriously.

The spin coming out of Washington now is they couldn't possibly enforce all the current gun laws, it would just take too much away from the war on drugs! So why pass new gun control laws? To erode our Constitutional rights to own and bear arms. This really is not about Littleton - and never was. It is just an opportunity for those wanting to relieve us all of our guns to get the job done.

Email currently is the "hot" button for Washington D.C. Phone calls are simply tallied up, and letters stacked and a count make of " for or against." I'm told email is actually read, since people owning a computer actually might vote. (Don't count on that, but that's the D.C. read on it which is why they pay attention.)

To find the email address for the representatives from your state, click here!

Take a few minutes to make a difference! ~ LadyFisher

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