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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

June 18th, 2001

A Little Joy?

Remember the first fish you caught on a fly? How about the first fish on a fly you tied? Maybe the first fish on a dry fly? Or streamer? Or fly you invented that really works? Then there is the biggest fish, fish of a different specie, the most difficult fish, or fish from a special trip. The perfect cast? The perfect fly?

And when you planned the outing, doped it all out, put all the pieces together and it really worked?

What was the feeling you felt?

Probably a little pride and there's nothing wrong with that. Any of the above certainly should have given you pleasure. There is a sort of pleasure in the ownership of fly stuff as well. It may be a favorite rod or reel - maybe as simple as a hat.

But what brings you real joy? The sort of joy you felt as a kid . . . do you still have that? Can you put aside the everyday life stuff that clutters up your life and have joy?

How? Seriously, how?

Does fly fishing, fly tying and all the assorted parts bring you joy?

Do you share it with anyone? Or is this a solitary endeavor?

I really would like to hear from you on this . . . it would be interesting to share notes. ~ LadyFisher

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