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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
June 16th, 2008

Don't Miss …


Every once in a while I get a wake-up call from one of our readers. The latest one was from a member who has been involved with this website for a couple of years. And darn, he had been to a couple of the Idaho Fish-Ins too.

"What's a patch," he wants to know.

How could he miss it? Well maybe it is because my husband JC, and I just don't want to come off as either being experts or pushy. Is it gross self promoting advertising if I mention we have a group of folks who wanted to be more of a part of this website? Folks who asked how they could have a hat, or pin or even a patch for their vest? We even have special tee shirts for the Michigan Fish-In - and yes, JC and I have ordered one for each of us. Must believe in what we do, you think?

Okay Bill, my fault for not making more of a point of saying "hey folks, send in your $25 and we'll send you back a patch." In truth you will probably get more than a patch. If we have some in stock, you may get a bumper sticker, and a beautiful FAOL pin for your hat, shirt or jacket. But I'll apologize anyway because you missed out.

We know some websites have a rather large 'for sale' page. We don't want to be a retail store, and would much rather concentrate on bringing you good information. But if you do send in your $25 donation, you also do us a favor. By wearing your patch (and hat, or pin) you are advertising for FAOL. You're telling everyone who sees you that FAOL is your choice in fly fishing websites. We really appreciate that - and that is why we sometimes send you more than just a patch.

Got it?

You can see more on the Friends of FAOL page. Your name will be there too if you become a 'Friend of FAOL".

Don't miss out. ~ The LadyFisher

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