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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
June 13th, 2005

Did You Know?

We receive a lot of email - and some is real, not spam. Some very interesting questions show up, and quite often it appears the sender is not a regular reader of this web site. That might hurt my feelings, but on the other hand they did know how to contact us. Not all bad.

Every so often you might notice my husband JC (also known as Castwell) or me answering a question on the Bulletin Board with a link to an article on FAOL. To be honest, with over 33,000 pages on FAOL we don't expect everyone has read everything there is. But it is interesting to note how much for the site really is read by someone somewhere. Well, actually a lot of 'someones' in about 120 countries across the world, (we receive about a half million hits a day.) Google tells us there are a total of 201 countries on earth, so we aren't read in EVERY country - at least not yet.

One of the odd things (to us anyway) is occasionally someone on the Bulletin Board will ask a question which makes it obvious the person doesn't know there is anything on this web site EXCEPT the Bulletin Board (BB). Now that person has the BB bookmarked, or has followed a link to it from somewhere else and really doesn't know there is anything else. That happened last week when someone asked about "what fly of the week?" He was told how to access the main site, and he was probably shocked to find he had been missing some good stuff.

Someone else suggested a while ago we 'database' all of the flies on FAOL. Classify them by dry, wet, streamer, lakes, saltwater etc. I asked if they were willing to go through all the sections and sort them out. When I explained there are flies, along with recipes and sometimes step-by-step instructions in Fly of the Week, Old Flies, Panfish, Saltwater, From Canada even in Tying Tips, the idea didn't seem quite so neat. I don't really know how many flies we have on FAOL.

A recent email asked for help in what a Trude or Trude style fly is. I gave the answer and then said, if you have more questions about the terms used for flies or in tying, check out the Tying Terms.

When some of the sections have been on FAOL a long time (and some have been here for many years) it's pretty easy to see how things can be overlooked.

For example, if you have someone who you are trying to help get into fly fishing, you might send them to our Fly Fishing 101 section. There are more than 90 articles to help the new person. The Knot Section is also in the Fly Fishing Basics section (check the left-hand menu). Often someone will ask about what hatch occurs when - we have that too it is listed as N.Q. Entomology - which is Not Quite Entomology. We called it that because it has very few of the Latin terms which tend to confuse beginners especially. But, the section is listed by the order in which the insects appear over the season. Combine that section with the insects in the Fly Fishing 101, such as Mayflies and you can see actual photos (Al Campbell did this section) of the insect and the fly used for each stage. Another section of the Fly Fishing 101 lists the top ten flies for each fly type - and how to fish it! All with just a click or two of your mouse; The 10 Best Nymphs, The 10 Best Streamers, The 10 Best Wet Flies and The 10 Best Dry Flies.

Did you know we also have a Great Rivers section? Most of the rivers are in the US, with a few of the great Canadian Rivers too. If you have an opportunity to fish any of these waters, the Great Rivers section is a good place to start your research. We currently have over 35 rivers in this section, and another to add soon.

Among the things you may not know are here on FAOL - there is:

There is much more of course, but these are just a few things you may have missed.

To quote a recent post on our Guestbook:

"What a great site!!! best basic information for a beginner i've found anywhere online or in bookstores or libraries!!! Thanks for making the challenge seem so attainable. I know there are some big ones waiting for my presentation!!!!!"

Our sincere thanks to all who contribute to this web site - and all of you who read it! ~ DLB

If you would like to comment on this or any other article please feel free to post your views on the FAOL Bulletin Board!

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