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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

June 11th, 2001

Fraternity of Fly Fishers

This issue marks a special point for me. It isn't our 4th Anniversary yet (but it's getting close).

This is the 200th weekly issue of Fly Anglers OnLine, or as we say, FAOL. That is important to me because I remember all too well those who said we couldn't do this, no one would read it if we did, and no sponsor in the world would support a website with no flashing, spinning or 'on fire' banners, much less advertise on it. Or anyone who would put up a new issue every week was nuts (that may be true).

Some of you who have been reading FAOL since the beginning in 1997 will remember the pretty amateur look back then, and we haven't changed all that much. We aren't the glitziest place around, but the idea to share the best information we could was the concept then - and still is now.

With the help of our readers and friends (should that be readers/friends ?) who not only keep reading FAOL but send in their stories, articles, humor, tying tips, rod building tips, flies for fly of the week and old flies, eye of the guide and more, we continue to share the information.

That sharing is what makes FAOL the world's largest fly fishing information website. It is also the sharing that was what the old time Fraternity of Fly Fishers was all about. With your help (and our Sponsors of course) we have actually done it! What?

Re-established the "Fraternity of Fly Fishers."

All you have to do to know that for absolutely sure is to spend an evening in the Chat Room - or a couple of hours on the Bulletin Board. The comradeship is alive and well on FAOL.

I do know the size of this website has become a problem for some. There is just so much information sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. I will suggest if you have a specific thing you need to find, try using the SEARCH feature. Just type in the word or words of what you are looking for and hit your 'enter' key. A list of articles with the subject will come up. Be warned, the list will also include Bulletin Board discussions on the topic as well.

Thanks so very much for being part of this Fraternity, and do know your comments and suggestions really are heard. I answer all email, and encourage you to make your wishes known.

We've come a long way - but there is more to do. More to learn, more to share. I hope you've enjoyed the past 200 issues - stay tuned! ~ LadyFisher

If you would like to comment on this or any other article please feel free to post your views on the FAOL Bulletin Board!

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