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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

June 9th, 2003

On This Side of the Computer

One of our friends from FAOL and I were discussing email a couple of days ago, he mentioned he was overwhelmed, he was getting about a hundred a day. We all get the spam too, even 'tho I keep adding unacceptable words to my spam program, the spammers keep inventing new ones.

But over all, my email here averages about a thousand a day. (So forgive me if I don't get a reply back to you within an hour or so.) Perhaps half of that is spam, but they still have to be at least 'looked at' to make sure there isn't something real there - and it does happen. (Have we all grown tired of the Viagra and enhance your manhood ones?)

Our server is set up to also send me any Guest book entries, and I do send out a note to all who sign the Guest book - it is a little frustrating to hit a fake email the person has posted, but I'm sure there are some privacy issues causing them to not want their 'real' email listed. As part of my reply I usually try to make some connection with the person, and I do invite them to try our Chat room. It's fun to see some show up there!

We do receive a lot of questions from all over the world. Quite often I suggest they post their question on the Bulletin Board (BB) - which gives them more than one response from me, and may introduce them to the BB and the wealth of knowledge available there.

Here is a little sampling from my email the past couple of days:

While in New York, I was watching some young fellows next door to my daughter throwing out their line and then bringing it back in and then it sounded like a 22 [when] they would shoot what they brought in.

My son in law called the police and they said it was all right as long as they were not on his property. I have never seen this before. When they started to shoot the water would fly in the air. This was in Theresa New York.

Do you have any idea as to what they might have been doing?

I am a beginner in the process of bamboo rod building. Purchasing many books already I would like to begin, however, trying to find information on the Garrison binding machine is my problem. I have seen the pictures and heard a great deal about it. I have most of the equipment to build the machine but no demensions. Can you advise? Thank you

We have no one registered with that user name. Use your back button to try again. This is what the page said when I tried to go into my profile. Something is not right.

What does start thread on hook mean?

As promised, I am keeping you informed regarding my quest for a flyfishing/mentor. Unfortunately, I have no good news to report, but here goes. The IWFF group copied me on an email that was sent to someone who knew a guy that happened to be the previous owner of San Diego Flyfishing shop. We contacted each other via email (of course I had to follow up twice) and then talked on the phone. I was familiar with the shop he used to own here in town and we are the same age. We both play adult softball here in town and were scheduled to meet on Sunday June 1st at his softball game. I called his cell phone to find out what time his softball game was on Sunday night (called three times) and have yet to hear from him. Basically, it was his ideal to meet and plan our first outing. The end result is that he basically flaked. I am pretty used to flakes, but I really thought this would pan out and I would get what I wanted. I thank you for your effort, it did get the ball rolling in the right direction, it's just that the guy probably just flaked. I am hope that I am wrong and that he has a good reason for not contacting me, but at this point, I chalk it up as another flake. I will keep looking and I thank you for your quick response. I will keep you posted if I do have any luck.

Good Morning,
My wife and I are interested in taking up fly fishing, we have homes in Delaware (Wilmington area) & the Northern Neck of Virginia ( south of Warsaw, Va.) We are between the Potomac & Rappahannock Rivers and north of the Chesepeak Bay.

Where is a good place to start? I have done Lake fishing, Deep sea & flats fishing in the Fl. Keys ( we enjoy that the most) Tarpon, Barracuda on light tackle.

Look forward to hearing from you.

I have a few questions....

1) when is it better to fish in from [front] of the trout? rather than from behind the trout?

2) how to best locate the trout..I don't seem to be able to see any.....

Thank you for your generous help.

Dear Sir, I presently have a bamboo fly rod blank with no finish on it.I do not want to varnish this blank,do you have any suggestion on how I can apply protective finish to this blank. Thank you.

Comments: how to tie the San Gabriel fly. Love your site.

Comments: Lady Fisher, I accidently sent a free drawing with a misspelled email address. I redid it with my right one. Hope this doesn't mess you up.

I would like to display this rod with the reel in my sons room. He had several reels all in good condition. Any idea which reel has more value?

    1. Perrine Mfg Free Stripping No. 50

    2. PEMCO #55

    3. Martin aut' with a Pat date of Oct 9 1923 (There is a Martin Box with the #49 on it but I'm not sure if it belongs to this reel because there is no 49 I could see on the reel itself)

    4. Pflueger Medalist #1494

    5. Weberkraft Nylon No. 500

There was also a bait reel Langley Sreamlite #310

Thanks again

Comments: I have a 4 piece sage 6wt XP fly rod. Using a 6 wt WF floating line at present. The line does not seem to load the rod enough. My friend says that I could go to an 8 wt line, I am wondering if I should go to a 7 wt . or an 8 wt. Any comments.

I enjoyed reading the poem by Jack Schweigert. I have been in his shop many times when he and Ann were still there. I would like to use that poem in a book I am writing. Where does one get permission to use such writings?

Dear sir,

I read your article on Flyanglersonline about how much better is flyfishing from any other way of fishing. I am 23 years old and I have been fishing my whole life in the mountain streams on northern Italy where I live. I must say first of all that I love fly fishing at least as much as you say you do. But there is a number of things I would like to point out.

For sure fly fishing is a very challanging way of catching fish, but:

First that's not true that using a spinning gear (let's say in a very small mountain stream inside a forest, 3 hours away from the closest house, human being and road, with very spooky native brown trouts) it's just a matter of casting and turning your reel handle. It's a way of fishing that, if done thinking about it, after some hours gets you (and your nerves) really tired. (more than fly fishing in a no kill river close to big city and with hatchery trouts and a million people next to you, let's say close to Milan or Manchester...)

Second that's not true that only flyfishers respect the fish. I am sad to say that I saw people treating fish like trash even using a fly gear. (that includes using a too light (cane or graphite) rod and tippet that forces to play the fish very slowly tiring it to death..). I can garantee you also that there are a lot of people who don't know how to cast a fly but really protect trouts in every way they can (including using barbless single hooks on their spoons)

Third and I belive most important, probably we (as flyfishers) should never keep an "we are a gifted elite" attitude. The reason that probably a lot of anglers don't like us (particularly in countries like Italy where flyfishing is not as popular as somewhere else (UK & USA)). How many times instead of arguing with another no fly angler about who got first on that pool you smiled at him or her and give him her a little advice on how to catch and release more trouts??

Flyanglers are all alike on the river: trouts show us it when (hopefully not too often) they just decide not to feed on anything and every single cast (fly, worm, spoon) is equally unuseful.

Hope you got my point,

Let's go fishing,

The last one really should have been posted on our BB, it was in response to Jim Clark's column last week, and indeed was written by one of our readers in Italy.

It continues to amaze me (and frankly worry me) how many people read FAOL in foreign countries. We average 95 countries visiting FAOL per month. Since many of those come in from translators (programs which translate one language to another) I can't help but wonder how accurate the information is the readers gets. One of our Spanish readers warned me about the word "fly" in fly fishing, and mistranslated in Spanish it can mean "bugs in the head."

Perhaps some of you may remember a little piece which was regularly done on the Jack Parr show years ago. Several foreign language speakers were on stage, and each person told a little story to the next person, who then translated it to the next and so on. Once this had gone through the process about six times, Jack Parr would ask the last person to tell the story. Then he would tell it as he had told it to the first person. The results were hilarious. I sure hope we don't come off as being a joke!

I've learned a lot from my email - and it does help me know what folks concerns and interests are and along with questions and comments from the Chat Room and BB does help form the direction of this website. We try to provide the best, most accurate information we can - and having direct input from our readers is the key to it.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks - we do pay attention. ~ The LadyFisher

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