This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

June 3rd, 2002

Isn't It Funny . . .

Sometimes you just have no control over the way things happen.

My dad, Steve Repke, passed away last week. It was his request that he be cremated and his ashes spread on Wildfowl Bay, (part of Lake Huron) in Michigan.

I called an old friend whom I haven't seen in over thirty years who is retired in Bay Port, Michigan. His dad and my dad were friends and Bill knew my dad very well. He had a bit of a difficult time figuring out who I was at first, but it didn't take long and we were talking about old times. Bill is recovering from a triple by-pass and won't be taking his boat out for a couple of months, so he suggested I call his best friend.

I was a little hesitant to do that since I didn't know the fellow, but Bill said it would be fine and Forest would be glad to help out. Bill even offered accompany Forest on this mission.

Now here's where it really got interesting. Forest is one of the owners of the Bay Port Fish Company! A commercial, trap netting operation, fishing primarily for whitefish and perch. They are setting or lifting nets every day, so scheduling wouldn't be a problem. It is the same kind of operation my dad had. I haven't seen the boats they are running, but I don't imagine they are much different that what dad used.

The call to Forest was a bit difficult. You can imagine calling a fellow you've never met, telling him his best friend told me to call, and would you please take care of my dad's ashes. Amazingly, he said he would, and to call him the next day. (I suspected he wanted to call Bill and make sure I was not some kook.)

But I called the next day as directed, he gave me the information I needed to get the ashes sent to him, and he and Bill will take dad's remains 'out to sea.'

For whatever reasons I will never understand, it works out that my dad will have come full circle. On a fishing boat, to the waters he loved.

Funny how things work out. ~ LadyFisher

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