This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
June 2nd, 2008

Random Clips

It has been an interesting week here. The new camera finally did arrive, so my husband, JC, has been checking it out. The instruction book (manual nowadays) is 150 or so pages. Good grief. There was a time when we both would learn a new camera, cross training so either of us could do the job. I suspect this one may be a one-owner camera. He is quite happy with it, so it is a good thing. Nothing like a new toy to help keep a fellows mind clicking along.

There was a big sale locally on bottled water. Bare with me for a bit, something I'd like you to consider. I don't generally beat on our readers on conservation issues, my attitute is more of a be an example rather than be preachy. But. There's that word. But.

Jim Chapralis, who passed a while ago, was very involved with preserving our water. Here's the deal, some of the big companies who buy up land with the intent of pumping out the water and selling it to the retail market. In some cases whole watersheds have been severely threatened by the loss of water. I'm sure you're aware there is a lot of money being made from bottled water. Why?

Bottled water has become a bit of a status symbol I guess. It is also a sign the user isn't nearly as smart as the people who sell the water.

Opps, did I step on your toe?

Has it occured to you the bottled water comes from somewhere? What happens if that spring or watershed goes dry? How can it be replaced? If there are streams which are fed from the same watershed, will the stream suffer? How much research has really been done on the amount of water being removed across our country for bottled water?

If you feel you must 'hydrate' fill a clean plastic bottle and store it in your frig. You can freeze them too and have cold water longer. I wonder what the price per gallon of bottled water is. Bet it is higher than the price of gasoline.

Sometimes we are so like sheep. The latest fad or craze catches us and we end up doing things we really know aren't right. In my opinion that includes the mens hair style which looks like a guy just crawled out of bed. Well, crawled out with a container of hair jell to make it stand up. It really looks absolutely ridiculous on any man over 25.

Now that I've insulted half of our population, I'll slip off into the sunset. I do want to mention something really special this week 'tho. This week we have all the entries for the Atlantic Tying Contest posted. Marvelous flies, and you get to vote. Our readers choose their favorite fly from the entries for the Reader's Choice Award. There is also a nice plaque with the winners name on it too.

Please take the time to view the entries, and do notice how many countries are represented. It is just amazing. Have fun, and pick a winner for us. ~ The LadyFisher

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