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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
May 28th, 2007

Mail Bag

Our email is quite interesting. Sometimes it is a request for where a particular product is sold - especially if the company isn't in business any more. We've had wonderful invitations to fish in some far-off places - free - but we don't have the bucks to pay for the airfare to get there! I would really have liked to take the trip to South American for a month. Can you believe that one? The owner of that lodge has now sold the operation, so even if I won the Lotto, I still can't afford to go. Such is life.

In all the email we receive, we do have one occasionally from a person who just hates us. He still reads FAOL, which is totally wierd. If you don't like FAOL, don't come here. How hard is that? I suspect he has run out of other things to do and just does that when he is totally bored.

I really enjoy the emails from folks who we've never heard from before. They read something here which made a connection to them, brought up a memory and they write to share it. Those are great. We get many from beginners asking all sorts of 'newby' questions. "What are leaders, can I use a spinning lure on my new fly rod," "How can I cast?" Usually they are questions which are answered in depth in our Beginner section, Fly Fishing 101.

We have had some problems since we dumped the old, outdated members from the Bulletin Board registration. Unfortunately, when JC was in the hospital a few weeks ago, I got behind in answering those. If you are one of the folks who still can't their registration to work, please let me know. Things are more stable here and I should be able to fix it. Sorry for the inconvience.

And this one:

I thought i was fly fishing ok!!!! Then i went out to a loch with a work mate thats when realisation set in. I seen how bad my casting was, i was the only one not to catch a fish (allthough i wasnt the only one to catch the grass bank behind) my teaching was watching a couple of people fly fish then trying it myself. on rivers i seem to be ok but on the lochs i made an ass of myself allthough the pros knew i was learning (or thought i was) they were very helpfull in fly advice and also giving me flies to try.

i will now ask someone to show me how to do it after years of saying thats a waste of money i now see it would have been cheaper to get a lesson or two than to loose flies.

Another fault i found was buying cheap flies then seeing them turn into a soggy mess as soon as they hit the water.

well im off to learn after all these years (although i had a break in between) just remember its never to late to learn how to do it right

thanks jj

Love it. In fact, the high light of my day is going through the email. ~ The LadyFisher

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