This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
May 19th, 2008

About Time

Yes, that really is me! After two years of fighting with rotator cuff problems, (and two surgeries) I actually can use my right arm and shoulder enough to fish. You might note the nice tight loop on the side arm cast into the wind! I still don't have much strength in the right arm - the photos below shows me trying to land a nice rainbow with my right hand. Instead of having my arm straight I had to hold the arm in tight to my body. At that point I had to switch hands and land the fish with my left hand. Not the ideal since I'm right handed, but I'll take it. I wasn't able to fish at the Idaho Fish-In last fall, but I should be in prime shape for Idaho this year.

Here's another shot of a rather long cast, you can just make out the fly line.

But back to my first fish! Yes, I did catch others, but the first trout in two years is worth a little excitement.

In case you missed the event, we went over to Ephrata, Washington for the Central Washington Fish-In. We left last Thursday and we even played hooky, stayed an extra day and came home on Monday instead of Sunday. The traffic was much less and worked out dandy since we were able to almost drive right onto the ferry. It could have been an couple of hours wait on Sunday. Living out here on the Kitsap Peninsula we either have to take the ferry or drive an extra hour or so to avoid taking the ferry. The ferry is easier, and at today's gas prices, cheaper too.

Our thanks to Vicky Eagle Elk (VEE) for these photos - as you can see, most everyone was off fishing! Some at Rocky Ford, and some at Stan Kauffman Lake for 'giggle fish.*' That was a new term for me, but it sure fits the bill. It took a little searching before the folks found the fish, they thought the fishing would be better in another week, just a tad early for fish on beds at that lake.

In fact, Steve and Cary, (above, left and center, Mike on the right is Cary's brother) the organizers of this Fish-In, will go back to the weekend after Mother's Day for the '09 Fish-In. Check your calendar and put that one on now. If you are anywhere in the region, don't miss it, great fun for all.

Above is Ron Eagle Elk (REE) about to land a nice rainbow at Rocky Ford. On the right is Ree's wife, Vicki (VEE), casting her Wonder Rod, and below, VEE with a nice rainbow.

Richard Weaver (REW) getting some tying tips from Brandon, below. The 'Magic Bug' was an extended body bwo.

Sagefish joined in the fun at the fish-in this year, always nice to have new folks attend.

A couple of years ago, Stephie Taylor brought a batch of oysters to this Fish-In. This year, JC made arrangements to bring a batch of 'roasters' to cook on the grill. They were really large and someone suggested an aluminum foil cover to speed up the cooking. It really worked well. That's JC's head in the right hand corner. This may have set a precedent - the Saturday evening pot luck continues to be amazing. Mike Morlan cooked up a Sheperds Pie in the dutch oven which was terrific. I'll try and get the recipe for our What's Cooking section.

The weekend was terrific, thanks to all who came and to Cary and Steve (Z) for hosting it again. We look forward to next year - and just because I can, the photo below is a very happy LadyFisher.

~ The LadyFisher

*Giggle Fish are Bluegills.

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