This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

May 4th, 2009

Back Again

I hope Spring has made a showing in your neighborhood. Nothing so disgusting than everyone else having a marvelous time while you're having none. Or being disabled in some physical way so you can't enjoy the season.

The later is the case for my husband JC and I last week. We missed putting up a new issue of FAOL since we were both totally incapacitated with what we are calling 'chicken surprise.' We named it since we both became ill after a chicken dinner (which I prepared.) I had the new issue partially done, with no possible way to finish it. It took until Thursday of this past week before we felt safe to leave the house.

And leave we did. We live four miles from the Hood Canal Bridge, the longest floating bridge in the world. The bridge is undergoing major repair and upgrading, requiring the bridge to be closed to traffic for six weeks or more. The newspaper said 20,000 vehicles a day cross the bridge, so having it closed for any length of time is going to affect someone. There is a way to drive 'around' but it adds about a hundred miles to the trip. The state department of transportation spent eleven million dollars to figure out a way to cause the least disruption to those using the bridge. The system includes two leased foot ferries from Victoria Express in Canada, a bunch of vans and busses and creating parking lots on both sides of the bridge. Buses are also available to take passengers from the parking lots to Port Townsend and other destinations on the other sided of the bridge. Some folks worked out car sharing, motor home rental, and living on one side or the other of the bridge until it's done.

So on Thursday, the day before everything happened we drove up to Port Gamble, a historical town where one of the parking lots and shuttle services is set up, and saw the whole mess. Wow. Then we drove over the bridge and up to South Point where the new foot ferries will land their passengers. The newspaper on Saturday said everything went off without a hitch. Quite an accomplishment.

Since we live just up the hill from Hood Canal we can see the foot ferries in their half hour crossings. It won't last forever, but fun while it lasts. Giving the binoculars a work out which is good. Below is a link to the live camera at the dock on our side of the Canal.

I always feel badly when we don't get an issue up. We don't have anyone to answer to except you of course, and I know for sure you won't be really upset with us if we just can't get an issue up for whatever reason. You need to understand that for us, doing an issue every week is part of our life. It is part of what we do. No doubt we feel worse about missing an issue than you do. Funny isn't it?

I do want to make sure you know about the new Chatroom. This I believe is the fourth maybe fifth one we have had. They all have their problems, and except for the really crappy 'free' ones they are expensive and take a lot of time to install and 'tweek'. Frankly if we didn't have Ron Tidd as our super guru we wouldn't have the new room at all. It is way beyond our pay grade. Really.

Since we've spent our money, I hope you will take a look. Follow the instructions from the Bulletin Board (BB) page or link from the front/main page. It has all sorts of whistles and bells and can be a lot of fun. Give it a try. You might be surprised at who you meet there.

There is a flu scare. Wash your hands often and use sanitizers. Avoid crowds if you can and drink lots of liquids. Till next time, please take care of yourself. ~ DLB

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