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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

April 23rd, 2001


You just never know how someone will perceive something.

For several weeks we have had information on the FAOL Fish-In 2001 on the Menu on the left hand side in red. And a lot of folks have read it - at least according to our stats program.

So forgive me for being confused. I almost fainted the other night, when in the Chat Room a fellow asked why he hadn't received his invitation to the Fish-In. He wasn't kidding.

Then it dawned on me maybe others felt the Fish-In was just for a certain group. It isn't.

Without further adieux, here is YOUR personal invitation.

You're Invited!

How this all started is pretty amazing. The summer of 1998 my husband, JC and I decided to take a fishing trip to Yellowstone. We used to live in the region, love it, and wanted to spend some time fishing trout. (Living on the Washington coast our trout fishing is very limited.) One or both of us mentioned it in the Chat Room, and pretty soon people were asking for the dates, and where were we going to fish?

By golly, a few folks showed up! And we had a grand time.

Almost immediately the questions started again, where were we going to go in 1999?

Al Campbell became the "committee" and the one-man vote was for the Black Hills in South Dakota. They do have fine fishing, the water is not fished anywhere as heavily as in Yellowstone, and the Black Hills really are located at the "center" of the US. The dates were set and the page put up here on Fly Anglers OnLine. It was a great success, attended as I recall by about 37 people.

Folks on the east coast had just enough of not being able to get to the Fish-In, and the 2000 Fish-In was scheduled for State College PA. About the same number of folks showed up for that one, even 'tho JC missed his Hendrickson hatch.

While JC was out there, Ron Kusse offered to chair Fish-In 2001 if it could be in the Catskills. So here we are, 2001 is here and the information is available at: Fish-In 2001. There is also an "I'm Going" page listed at the bottom of that information page.

If you wish to join us, make your own reservations at the campground/motel and we will see you there. Contact information is on that same page. FAOL is not taking reservations, receiving a fee or commission, and is not responsible if you don't catch fish. (Ron Kusse and Al Caucci might be, they set the dates!)

Some local FAOL readers have offered to help point folks in the right direction, and there are some activities planned. The evening hatches should be great, so other than a 'farewell dinner' on Saturday night, activities will be mid-day.

Everyone is on their own hook - and responsible for their own accommodations, travel etc. It's just an opportunity to meet other FAOL readers who share a common interest in quality fly fishing. No doubt a rod or two will be compared, some flies tied and a few stories told.

Everyone is welcome. This is not just for the folks who visit the Chat Room or the Bulletin Board! If you feel you need more of an invitation, print it out and stuff it in your pocket or fishing vest! I'll personally sign it for you on the West Branch of the Delware. ~ LadyFisher

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