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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

April 21st, 2003

The Original Amateur Hour

Many of you may be too young to remember it - after all it started in radio - 1934, in fact it was Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour. Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour eventually made its way to television in the 1950s and really wasn't all that much different that the various 'Star Search' type programs on the telly now. You're right, there is nothing new.

The great part was just ordinary people had a chance at 'being a star.' Some did go on to become professional entertainers and others just went away.

I'm not suggesting you make a trip to New York or LA and try and get on one of those programs, BUT we have the same kind of opportunity right here! It's true!

Many of the articles, Fly of the Week, Old Fly, Readers Casts and travel articles are written by our readers. You too can be published here.

Will it make you a star?

It will to our readers! And that is not a small number of people either. We've had as many as nearly a half million hits in one day here recently. All of them wanting to read neat stuff. The neat stuff they are looking for is written by folks like them - not the 'big names'...(we've all read what they have to say). They (and we) would rather read about your adventure. Your favorite fly, place, memory. The things which are important to you - they are important to us too.

Do you have a fly which is really a killer in your water? How about sharing it here? Maybe an old fly which you've had for years? Recommendations on a destination? Places not to go? All really valuable information. No, you won't get a pay check, but your contribution to the FAOL website, with your name on it, will remain here for everyone to read. And just maybe it will spark an idea for someone else.

Have an idea? Why don't you drop me an email, and let's see if we can put it together for FAOL!

Like Lefty says, "Don't show knowledge, share it!" ~ The LadyFisher

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