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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
April 16th, 2007

Another Loaf

Some times strange things happen, a connection or chord is struck and special communications develop from something really small or unimportant. Or as in the case of my writing a week ago about 'Wonder Bread' - it turns out a lot of folks miss it. Yet, it really isn't gone everywhere. It is still available in the south, and some of the midwest.

Some of our readers actually offered to send some to me. How very kind and thoughtful.

Now here is a follow up:

Sandwich box
A couple of days ago we were at our local Albertson's grocery and right in plain sight was this sandwich box. How can that be? I decided I'd have a little fun with it. I took the Wonder bread sandwich box and found the store manager. Yes, he does know us. AND - he said, they don't make that bread any more. He is wrong and I went through the whole litany with him. But I did give him a bad time, in the vein of "how can you be selling these when you don't have the bread." Isn't that false advertising? Shouldn't I expect to find the bread if you are selling the special box?

So long story somewhat shorter, I had nearly as many personal emails on the silly problem of not being able to get the Wonder bread as I received on my face cancer articles.

Now, add to that, this is the week of the major 'blooper' by Don Imas (sorry about the spelling I don't make a habit of watching/listening to such crap). But I think I am seeing something rather interesting.

As you are probably aware, we do get complaints on our being too strict on the Bulletin Boards. We do have user rules which everyone must agree to before they are allowed on the boards. Some are pretty straightforward, no flaming, nothing illegal, mostly intended to keep FAOL a friendly civil place where most everyone feels welcome.

Now if you are very young (let's say under forty for the sake of discussion) you very well may be 'comfortable' with crude language, name-calling, sexual suggestions - stuff which older folks (over 40?) just find unacceptable. It adds nothing of value to any conversation or discussion. Most of us don't use the language - we were taught it wasn't 'nice' - much less acceptable in 'mixed company.' It is rude, crude, generally belittling and disrespectful.


Maybe we're just tired of all that stuff? The language, the dress, the gestures, enough already. There wasn't anything 'wrong' with the family values back in the 40's and 50's - and frankly, if you think there was, I'll bet you weren't there. I was.

And comparatively, I would much prefer the 40's and 50's to what we have today.

I did hear on the television today some good news. Seems some leaders in the black culture have discovered the not-responsible life styles are not good for society, and they've even gone so far as to say they are going to shut down the hip-hop and gangster rap as detrimental to society. It can't happen too soon - and it may be too late.

It should be interesting to watch - now if I could just have a nice tomato sandwich while I'm watching. ~ The LadyFisher

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