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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

April 13th, 2009

From the Mail Bag

Sometimes the mail is the most fun I have all day. And some days are better than others. The more fun ones are usually from folks just getting into fly fishing. I'm leaving the names out for obvious reasons.

"I am taking a fly fishing course for the first time in Missouri in mid-August.

Do I need to purchase waders to fish during the summer or will fishing pants do the trick?

Also, what type of footwear should I purchase?"

This person above is a lady, and is not registered on the Bulletin Board. I would suggest she get registered and put the question on the BB. She obviously has not read anything on our Fly Fishing 101 section either.

Here is someone who actually found some help - and he's looking for something else (you might be able to help.)

"It started here at your web site. I'm a guy who loves to tie flys. I started at you web site and have done ok, learning and trying to do better. But I have a dream and I'm sure everyone does. But with my back ground on this maybe you guys can help.

I love original type patterns. LOL, I dream of tying them all. But one is hard to find, I'm not the only one looking for info., but a lot of people want to know how to tie is the Allies Chenille Coachman. Now I realize not every body knows how to tie certain flys. But my first references to this is its a top fly to tie. I'm pretty sure it came from your web site at least I hope I'm right.

Now realize, I only telling you this for some reasons, one: This is only thing I get to do at all is Fly fish here locally. Some times I can't do that even due to my problems. two: I tie flys and am sure I'm not the best but I'm trying. Three: I live at a veterans home here in Wyoming next to my mountains I was raised in. I fished for fun as a kid, LOL some time ago. I even won our local fishing tournament with a fly rod, LOL, its even an old rod.

Now thats was my side, here is part of the world side to this. I was on a web by doing search about this same subject. Due to this I got a picture of the fly, its from a book out there about just flys. This book, on the web research came up with the same problem. A lot of people want to know how to tie it, but no one can get the information. Book reference is 40 Best Trout Flies by Robert Alley, inside this book is Allies Chenille Coachman. The people references, many by the way, was all of the people trying to find out how to tie it. Now being a guy who use to work on stuff I imagine this could help you look harder for or have some one at your web site show how to do this I hope and dream. Because I like how this site was done. But we all know how dreams are.

Now I know this may be asking a lot. I would even send you a picture of the fly but do not know how or I would. If you do a search for that fly you can get a pictures but thats another world I am not sure of entirely. Any way just thought I would ask and give this information in the hope this will happen.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Okay now folks, we could sure use your input on the Allies Chenille Coachman - What I'd like to have is a materials list, step-by-step instructions with photos of course. Let's see if we can't make this gentleman's life a little better. ~ DLB

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