This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

April 12th, 2004

Find Your Oval Yet?

This past week has been what at one time was known at "Holy Week" in America.

Now that we are all so much better educated, informed and politically correct - the Holy Week has been replaced with Spring Break. The meaning of Holy Week, of course, relegated to some obscure definition filed where most will never see it.

The height to which the 'police' of political correctness have reached struck me this week, something like being hit in the head with a sock full of wet sand. A pre-school facility conducted an Oval Hunt! Yes, pre-school children (under five years old) are forbidden from having or knowing about Easter Eggs! Ah, but they can have ovals. They can color ovals. But there are no EASTER EGGS. Five-year olds being brain washed. Someone forget this is America?

There was a time during Holy Week when the Christian faithful stopped whatever their normal events were and attended services. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday were solumn preparation for the celebration of Easter Sunday. Easter: the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While gratefully many Americans have found a church and religious beliefs of their childhood following the tragedy of 9/11 - there are still those who resent any religion or religious beliefs.

Those people are called secularists. They believe there is no right, no wrong - and everything is a shade of insipid black and white. If there is no right or wrong, than obviously, no one can be blamed for anything. Follow that another step and no one is responsible. For anything. At any time.

Religion, any religion is based on moral principals.

If the secularists can stop religious expression (how about "One nation, under God") they can claim separation of Church and State. Any knowing person already knows the only thing the U.S. Constitution says on this matter is that there will be no "State" religion. . .and there isn't, wasn't, hasn't ever been. But that doesn't matter - the favorite tactic of the secularists is to make a claim (there isn't any law against them lying after all), and then go to court to prove their non-point. If they lose, the claim is bias, unfair treatment, racism, and a myriad of other 'hot button' terms intended to foment their followers.

The result is our America becomes ruled by the minority, instead of the majority as a republic is intended.

I believe I have an obligation, religious, moral and philosophical - and perhaps even legal, to be the best person I can. To help others, to encourage them to be the best they can be - and to set an example for good. That comes from my childhood training, my religious beliefs, and 17 years as an Army wife.

It is also a huge part of my life as a fly fisher.

Truth is hard to avoid - at least for those who have any moral training. Right and wrong rear their heads any time we have to make a decision on how we live, treat others - and yes, fish!

It's all in there. It is not something one can shut off like a faucet.

How we feel about our favorite fishery, stream, lake - are all part of that as well. We can treat our resources with care and honor, or like the secularists, we can take anything we want at any time without so much as a tiny thought as to how, what or who it may impact in the future.

We can leave our garbage on the stream, litter the roads - haven't you heard? We don't have to be responsible. It's not my fault.

We can lie about any natural project we want. We can pound the courts to protect this or that without any more than junk science and rumor. It's dandy - because our 'motives' are so pure what is true or right doesn't matter.

Except it isn't right, or true and it does matter - just as the forest fires last summer and fall proved all too well. Point fingers and blame anyone but the ones responsible for the problem. After all - they aren't responsible. Get it?

How did we get here?

A permissive society which grew out of the "repressive 1950's"? So I read. But I grew up, thankfully, in the 50's. Do I seem 'repressed?' Hardly. And I can name tons of people who also grew up in 50's who are considerably better off because of it.

Or the other big lie, the sexual revolution.

The secularists will not become fly fishers. Or tiers. They have no frame of reference, no commitment, no patience, no focus, no creativity, no ability to create an original thought, or follow though to the end of an action.

Beware of them. They will not, cannot value our sport in any of its many faces.

For them, we are a threat. Because we are all that they are not.

Because we are that which they are not. ~ The LadyFisher

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