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by Deanna Birkholm

April 9th, 2001

Don't Miss It

Spring is always wonderful - even if you live where the seasons remain open through the year. It's the anticipation thing.

We've lost some of that with year-round seasons in places. I wonder how many of you are gathering gear, madly tying flies, and getting the latest stream report from the buddy who just couldn't stand it at home one more day.

When I lived in Michigan there was a lot of that. One of our friends, Steve Southard who owns the Fly Factory in Grayling Michigan has had stream reports up on his website nearly every day. Of course he lives right on the main stream of the Au Sable, so it's not that huge a job. But I'm sure it saved some the trip up to Grayling to check for themselves.

Well, now that I think on it a bit, that was part of the whole deal. You HAD to scout out the stream. It was a great excuse to "get out of Dodge" as we call it. Get away from home and whatever self-imposed responsibilities we weighed ourselves down with over the winter. Sort of running away from home for adults.

A trip to the closest-to-the-stream flyshop was always in order. There might even be a new fly rod that desperately needed wiggling too. Have to do one's civic duty. You just never know when someone might come up with a handsome new tie for a local fly. One guaranteed to catch the big ones.

Why is it no one wants to get the medium or small ones? They have to eat too. Kidding of course. But there are areas where any fish is a treat! I was talking with someone recently about fishing new places; this fellow and his buddy went to a well-recommended spot. The person who sent them unfortunately hadn't been there himself in quite a while. The guys immediately found rising fish! Certainly a good sign. It didn't take long to discover the risers were all Rocky Mountain Whitefish. Since it was what they had, they fished for them. (And had a great time.)

The anticipation was enough, actually catching anything was frosting on the cake.

If you are lucky enough to live where there is still an Opening Day, treasure it and those experiences. It's a special time. Partly because it's Spring, mostly because it seems we have been waiting for it forever. Who knows, someone in government may decide not to have a closed season where you are, and you will have missed the last opportunity.

Spring is officially here, it's just not evident everywhere yet. But it will happen, the frogs will croak, the insects will hatch, and all will be right with the world. Just make sure you are there! ~ The LadyFisher

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