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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
April 7th, 2008

Positive Thinking

Some years ago, 1952 actually, the first major book on positive thinking was published. The Power of Positive Thinking: by Norman Vincent Peale, stayed on the New York Times best seller list for 182 weeks. Absolutely unheard of.

Why was it so popular?

I suppose the idea of a book having the solutions for our everyday problems, with the promise that if the reader followed the instructions he would be successful, is very appealing. Of course, the Christians already believe if you follow the instructions in the Bible you will also have success. At any rate, while Dr. Peale's book was thought to encourage a great deal of self-hypnosis, I am among those who believe that what we think does indeed influence who we are and what we can accomplish. Abe Lincoln believed you can be as happy as you make your mind up to be.

I'm not as sure that we are what we eat - but I think the attitudes we encourage, and the way we address certain challenges, greatly influence us. Who we are, what we become and how we shape the world around us.

So why are you a fly fisher? Do you also tie flies? Why? What is the point?

Is there a particular challenge that intrigues you? Do you see yourself as being part of a special group? Are there advantages which fly fishing has over other methods of fishing? Do you have more enjoyment in solving the various problems adherent with fly fishing? Does the problem solving enhance your life?

Since you are a person who reads Fly Anglers OnLine, have you also found a community to which you can belong – and be as involved as you wish or not? Are we looking for some kind of connection? Does being around other like-minded people improve your life? I would say that is remarkable in today's world.

When you find a new fly or method of tying, are you immediately curious as to how it will work? Isn't that curiosity as wonderful thing? How about a different presentation method? Will it work for a tough lie on your favorite stream?

As you read through the new issue of FAOL each week, I hope you find ideas, methods, thoughts to fuel your imagination. Things to make your life more pleasant. Encouragement to think positive thoughts and to enjoy the wonderful joys fly fishing brings to us.

A little positive thinking may make the difference between fishing and catching. ~ The LadyFisher

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