This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

March 28th, 2005

Where Is It?

This week's view has been a tough one.

For Christians it's Easter Week, or Purim, (Festival of Lots) for those of the Jewish faith. But reading the news or watching television, one saw little of the celebration of life (which is the basis of both holidays) and instead we had hours/days of the legal and moral battles of family against family for the final say in a struggle for the life of one 45 year old lady in a hospice in Florida.

I'm not going to comment on the morality or legality of the on-going battle, which at this writing is still going on. I am going to comment however, on the fact that either this country is really caught up in the story, or the media is having a field day with it. And perhaps it is some of both.

Frankly, I feel for both families, and I can understand why they want all the possible media attention they can get to shore up their support. But somehow when the media is covering such an 'event' wall to wall, we all lose. The 'value' of life becomes a political rant for or against which ever side you pick.

I heard a number quoted of how many other people are in the same situation, and forgive me if I don't have the number exact, but is was in the thousands. What about them? Why isn't the media there for them? Maybe their stories aren't quite as made-for-television?

Enough already.

Sorry to be crass, but I'd like my Easter back! I enjoy the celebrations, I enjoy the fact that someone is showing their belief in redemption, renewal and life. The colors, flowers, gaiety the pure joyousness of Easter is something I need in my life. It's sort of the 'official' Spring.

My little problems don't mean much in the great scheme of life, but I have an old dog with an ear infection, a husband with pneumonia and a deadline for the new issue of FAOL. On top of that it has rained for the past three days. My tulips are all puffed up and ready to burst (if the sun comes out.) But they aren't blooming now.

How about something nice and celebratory?

It's EASTER - it's SPRING!

Find a place and go fish. Get out and celebrate being alive. Find a little renewal of the spirit, give yourself permission to turn the television off and be grateful. If you can't fish, gather the family, head for a Dairy Queen and treat everyone to a gooey chocolate covered treat.

Live a little without being guilty. Enough of the gloom and doom.

Spring has sprung. ~ DLB

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