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by Deanna Birkholm

March 19th, 2001

Count Your Blessings

I had an email from a friend on assignment in the Indian Ocean, explaining the lack of fishing regulations (this place has none) and the abuse which occurs because of it. It angered me, and I've made some inquiries about the situation. More on that if and when I get any answers.

I've mentioned from time to time the terrible situation with the salmon and steelhead here in the Northwest - it was at one time the Salmon Capitol of the World. There may never be an acceptable fix. It is nearly impossible to restore what has been so criminally abused here by both the State and Tribal authorities.

There are other problems across the country, degradation of watersheds, overfishing, illegal fishing and all sorts of abuses.

But the good news is for the most part you and I can have a say, be active and make a difference. We can form groups, join Trout Unlimited or other local fishing groups who have a voice. We can add our names to petitions, support those elected folks who support the fisheries and the habitat. We can vote out of office those who don't listen! We can contribute financially to politicians or groups whose interests match ours - and we can complain loudly if they renege on their stated positions or promises. We have the right to protest and be active - it is also our obligation.

On the other hand, how would you feel if you were sent somewhere and saw the fishery and ecology abused and had no voice? No options?

Don't just count your blessing folks. At least here we can make a difference. ~ The LadyFisher

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