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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

March 16th, 2009

Back Again

At least I hope you will welcome me back, I've been gone about five weeks. I had the latest of my rotator cuff surgeries on February 12th. My husband JC wrote a column just prior to the surgery called "The Third Time is a Charm," in which he explained the necessity of having the third surgery. It was a tough choice, but the hope is to get rid of the pain without the use of pain meds.

My surgeon says I have another five weeks of living in a sling. The reason is to immobilize the arm and shoulder since I'm not bright enough (nor capable) of not moving it on my own. I've torn it off during the night a few times, frankly it gets a bit wearing. However, if I expect to be able to use the arm and not have pain it means I have to try to follow the rules.

I can't type with the sling on, so obviously I'm not playing with the rules. Anyway, please forgive my lack of attention to you all, I've been a little occupied.

There are some things going on, I don't want you to miss out. Ronn Lucas Sr. and John McClain are joining with us (FAOL) again to produce the 2009 US Open Fly Tying Contest. The first Contest was held in 2004. We sincerely thank Ronn and John for their efforts is holding the contest again. You will find further details on this years event on the front/main page of FAOL, but I do want to mention our reason for continuing to hold this competition is to encourage fly tiers where ever they may live to get involved. There is no charge for entering, and everyone is judged on the same criteria. If you have friends or family who tie, please point them in our direction and make sure they are aware of the Contest.

There are a couple of Fish-Ins in the works, one in Florida (check the Saltwater section on the Bulletin Board), one in Pennsylvania (Update on the Pennsylvania Fish-In Please?) Plus one scheduled for Central Washington, May 14-15-16-17th.

Only a few reports on the Bulletin Board on folks who have been out fishing with any results, so I suspect Cabin Fever is running heavy in some regions. I'm grumpy, but not just because I haven't been fishing.

If you haven't checked out the Sponsor Page in a bit, you will find the return of a Sponsor. We are delighted to add Albright to the list. They have made the decision to sell directly to you instead of via distributors and fly shops. The idea of course is to keep prices down. With the economy the way it is, it could be a very smart business move.

We have a couple of other new Sponsors who are not up yet - my fault totally - the lack of ability to type for very long has really been a handicap. Stay tuned, good stuff to come.

Thanks so much for the email and comments earlier on the Bulletin Board - your good wishes and concern really are appreciated. Let's go out and play with the fish! ~ DLB

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