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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

March 13th, 2000


Someone in the Chat Room the other night mentioned they were going to stick around for a while, there wasn't anything much on TV anyway. Which is an observation most of us have probably made at some point. Most of the 'prime-time' programing seems to be aimed at an age group I left many years ago, and the truth be known aimed at the intelligence level of a 6th grader. Worse yet, today's 6th graders. Seriously!

On top of that, there are only so many basic scenarios, as I recall about twelve - so all the stuff you see is a variation on one of the twelve basic plots. Change the time period, occupations, sex of the participants and it is all the same basic plot. Actually it is more interesting to dissect the plot than to pay attention to the drivel conversation.

We do watch some, our favorites tend to be the modern versions of the old morality plays where the bad guy gets his, I suppose because we see so many real-life situations where the bad guy doesn't get his. Has to be some justice somewhere, even if it's the TV version of Crime and Punishment, in this case Law and Order.

Over all, we mostly watch our two local Public Broadcast System (PBS) stations, Fox News, and the Canadian station in Vancouver B.C. We've grown very fond of Canadian programing, at least they have a sense of humor!

I'll never forget a Chat Room conversation I had a couple of years ago, I asked the fellow if he had seen some fishing program on TV and he replied, "Lady, this IS my TV."

Chat Room conversations are not always serious stuff, although last night the subject matter included some pretty technical stuff on a particular caddis and another on how long it should take to play a trout of two pounds fairly and properly. Most of the time it is bits and pieces of who went where, caught what, on what - or when they are going next. (And maybe why not too.) Good natured kidding, and a sense of community. That might be better stated as fraternity. Which is what fly fishing is anyway - or should be.

It is a comfortably place, where new folks become friends. Many of the chat room folks have managed to fish together! It's helpful if you have a problem or question, and a place where your comments and opinions are not only welcome, but encouraged. Image that, you actually can have your say and a voice!

Angler's Hut

If you have never visited our Chat Room, The Anglers Hut here is a personal invitation! (Been there but not recently? Stop in, we did a little upgrading - you might pleasantly surprised.)

It is user friendly; type in your name or nick name and on the 'profile' line either a little about yourself or where you are from. Let the folks in the 'Hut' know you are new to the room and they will take you by the hand. You can say as much or as little as you wish, some folks just watch and learn. That's called 'lurking.'

Check the Chat Schedule at the top of the Chat page, there are several 'topic' chats, from Panfish to Cane - Saltwater to the Tying Chat on Sunday night. Folks new to Fly Fishing are always welcome in any of the chats - and your questions will get answers! You may be surprised to find it is a real-time live chat, you don't have to 'refresh' anything, the conversations are live as they are typed in.

It is a terrific group of people, Hosted by real fly fishers who are there to help. (And to make you feel welcome!) Some of the Hosts are also the writers who make FAOL possible.

If you are seeking refuge from the mediocrity on TV and want to disconnect from your everyday life, visit the Anglers Hut, the Chat Room here on FAOL. If you can't be knee deep in your favorite stream, it's a great place to be. ~ LadyFisher

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