This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
March 6th, 2006

Another Week

To all who have emailed and phoned, I am better. Still not "normal," but there are those who will tell you I've never been normal. So there.

I did get outside and worked a couple of hours in the yard yesterday. When the crocus and daffodils are blooming it's probably a good idea to at least remove last falls leaves from their beds. It turns out a electric blower with a long cord does wonders. It did require a little raking, but that was probably good for me. I was able to clean out a couple of other flower beds and under the birch and maple trees too. They shouldn't feel neglected for a while.

There is a box of bulbs which needs planting, glads for summer, and I have a couple of orders in at Jackson and Perkins for perennials and dahlias which will show up too soon. Have my work cut out.

Spring is such a wonderful time - it tends to be a bit wet here on the left-coast, but since we had an official drought last summer the rain is welcome. It does make it hard to mow the grass, and it is time. Boy is it time. Maybe we could find the guy who rents a goat. Really, there is one.

I had a nice phone conversation with John Colburn tonight. John is the one who is trying to get programs going across the country to teach fly tying to the disabled solders. If you missed the article last week in Readers Casts, please take a moment to read it It Isn't That You Can't Do It; It's That We Haven't Figured Out a Way That You Can Do It. John, a vet himself, is appealing to other vets to get involved, since vets are most likely to understand the sacrifice these men and women have made. If you can help, please contact John directly:

On the Bulletin Board, under the Salt Water Topic are reports from saltydancindave on the Florida Fish-In. I have one more to add on today's events - and Flats Dude let me know he will be sending an article and photos. Something to look forward to for the next issue.

Something else to watch for, we have three new Sponsors, one I have already 'promoted' on the Sponsor Page, The BearLodge Angler. The other two are Stone River Outfitters (formerly Hunter's Angling Supplies), and an Atlantic Salmon lodge on the Gaspe, which features classes on spey fishing, Malbaie River Outfitters. Stay tuned.

Things are getting better here, I even made my world famous Chocolate Cake today. At least we won't starve. ~ The LadyFisher

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