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by Deanna L. Birkholm

March 1st, 1999

About Andros

Here are some bits and pieces about the bonefish trip to Andros Island, Bahamas last week.

No matter where you go to fish, the total experience is what you bring back. In this case, the fishing was unbelievable. We had made two previous trips to the Bahamas, (Grand Bahama Island) and each had it's own high (or low) points. On neither previous trips however, were we privileged to the numbers or size of bonefish we encountered this time. That is remarkable in itself.

We were on Andros Island, about a 15 minute flight on Bahamian Air from Nassau. The Nassau International Airport is modern, efficient, resplendent with uniformed Bahamian police in their white jackets and red trousers and pith hats. Elegant, helpful reminders of the islands British past.

But traveling to the Bahamas is more than a fishing experience. (More on that to come.) It is indeed a real adventure. Unlike our previous trips, we flew a commercial flight to Nassau, (American Eagle) met one of our FAOL Hosts slicfoot there, and we all traveled on Bahamian Air to Andros Island.

On the previous trips we had flown by charter with other guests to the Deep Water Cay island. We really did not experience being in the Bahamas since the lodge was owned by Americans and run by Americans.

This trip was a revelation. JC and I have done a fair amount of fishing, but we are by no means "world travelers." So staying at Tranquility Hill, owned and operated by Bahamians was special. And being able to consider the Bahamians our friends even more special.

We were invited for dinner one evening at a brand new lodge. So new, we really were the first dinner guests! What a lovely place. More on that to come, but the name of it is Mount Pleasant, on the beach just north of the U.S. Navy facility on Andros. Secluded, modern, and very comfortable, it is a lovely place to stay - or eat! Our dinner included several native dishes. One of the menu I'd like to try next time was land crab.

We met new people, got to play show and tell with our Gatti rods, caught fish, ate very well, and sunburned our noses.

I've never dreamed about fishing before. But the past couple of nights I remember dreaming about big bone fish, tourquiose waters and singing reels. I hope to hang on to that for a while.

And I guess that's what it's all about. It's being there. . . no matter where it is.~ Deanna Birkholm

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