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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

February 11th, 2002


I've had a couple of our Chat Room fellows ask what to get their lady for Valentines Day.

It's possible I might not be the best person to ask, since I'm old enough to be mother (or grandmother) to some of the guys. And, the other problem is I am a fly fisher. I don't 'see' the same things as well as other women who don't fly fish.

I've been told the main difference between men and women is men want to see things blow up and women love a walk on the beach at sunset. One of my favorite tv shows is Battle Bots, so I probably don't fit the female norm. (But I love a walk on the beach at sunset providing it's walking back to the car after fishing on the beach!)

Since only about 8% of our readers are female, I suspect that number holds true for women involved in fly fishing generally. That said, any gals who find fault with my recommendations are free to post their own.

If you are married the choices are terrific. A dozen roses, a box of really good chocolates, a nice nightgown, (preferably not flannel or plaid) dinner out, kids at grandma's (or alternately a good baby sitter.) No cooking, no dishes, no responsibility. Even if it's just for one evening.

Not married, drop the lingerie, do the evening out (or if you cook, do a nice dinner for her - and don't leave the dirty dishes for her to clean up). The flowers, candy are still good. Tickets to a concert or play will be well received too.

If your gal has expressed any interest in fly fishing, play it carefully. Along with the flowers or candy, include a good beginning book on fly fishing. You might try Mike Crofts's The Fish Bum's Guide to Catching Larger Trout published by Frank Amato. There is more useful knowledge in this book than several others combined. It's also very entertaining, which might encourage her to try fly fishing. If the interest is a little more on her part, it's probably time for the first fly rod. Check out the For Beginners, Fly Fishing 101 section for help on that one. Spring is close enough to get the juices and enthusiasm going for an early outing.

If you are taking your lady out, do her, and yourself a favor. Spiffy up. Dress up, put on your best and be the gallant knight on a white horse. We gals do appreciate a little romance in our lives - you just might be surprised.

And oh, don't forget a nice card - and sign your name. ~ LadyFisher

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