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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
February 4th, 2007

I'm Back...

A month has passed since I put up a new issue. Sorry for letting you down, but at the moment it is the best I can do. I am healing and the pain level is much less than it was with the first surgery. That should be some indication that the second surgery is having a better outcome. Hurrah. I do resent the time wasted in not being able to function as I should - or as I have become accustomed. At this time of my life, six months lost is not a small thing. (Not that there is a bloody thing I can do about it, so got that off my chest anyway).

Since I'm reporting in, Castwell is also recovering very nicely. His surgery/procedure was not a piece of cake. I know we have several readers who have gone through more serious prostrate problems, cancer specifically. As far as I know everyone has survived. Thank God. Jim's results from the biopsies are not back yet, we will get those next Thursday - but the surgeon said there did not seem to be anything 'remarkable.' That is good news.

One more and I'll go on to important things. My surgeon insisted I quit smoking before he would do the shoulder repair (the 1st one.) This was not on the top of my list for things to do, trust me. I started smoking as a junior in high school. Age 15. Better stated as I had smoked forever. Our health care provider suggested a reasonably new medicine, which also includes a daily phone call check in. Six weeks of a daily pill, and at the end you refill the pills and quit smoking. I actually stopped smoking three or four weeks into the process, and did not refill the prescription. The pills trick the part of your brain which senses pleasure, somehow dopamine doesn't do what it usually does. I'm several months without smoking, and while I remember it well, I'm not going back to the habit. The name of the program is Chantrix, and I understand it is now under investigation for suicide problems. The bottom line for me is it worked and I didn't blow my head off.

Okay, for those who tie flies - please note our 5th Annual Fly Tying Contest is now open. Time to get the materials ordered and do something really neat. We have had marvelous entries, each year more complex showing wonderful abilities. It is a thrill to see them each year. Do consider entering - it is a great opportunity to improve your talents.

Some of our regular writers have taken a bit of a vacation this winter, I'm hoping to be able to get back on our normal schedule of a new issue each week. So if you've been writing for FAOL and sort of dropped out because of my health problems, take note, we've back on schedule. Send your articles in please.

If you've been following Neil Travis's column, a brief history of fly fishing, here's something to ponder. He mentions in this week's column that fly fishing really diminished during the 1950s. He also discusses the great strides which have taken place in the equipment we use. And of course the manufacturers are constantly trying to make improvements which we can't live without. That's business.

But - really, what would you really like to see? Just take equipment this time. What is needed? Anything? Is there anything you would like to see changed? Fixed? How would you improve fly fishing as a sport?

There, something to chew on. How about posting a reply on the Bulletin Board? ~ The LadyFisher

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