This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm

February 2nd, 2009

Ah Spring

There was an old television show called, This is the Week That Was. It was a British program, BBC, staring David Frost. The show was satire, and took a real shot at everything British. Great fun. The show spilled over to the US, I don't remember if it was via PBS or not, but it did have a neat tag line, how they ended each show: "That was That Was The Week That Was …that was." You need to say that one 'out loud' for it to work It has a bit of a bite especially if ones week wasn't all that great.

I can't 'officially' declare winter to be over, wouldn't it be grand if I could?

It has been a doozy (bet you haven't heard that one in a while). Out here in the great NorthWest we had unheard of depths of snow and cold. Then we received even more. The whole country was blasted. A friend told me on the phone tonight that parts of Arkansas have been hit with freezing rain, coating houses in inches of ice! That can't be good.

Weather aside, our Bulletin Board has been pretty civil. This IS the time for cabin fever. And frankly I feel it as much as you do. The squirrels have dug and dug and decimated several pots of bulbs on the decks. We finally had to put bird net over the bulb garden out in front - and weigh it down with rocks to keep those remaining bulbs from being dug up.

Don't feel bad for the bloody squirrels either, they are very well fed, and we even have a heated birdbath so they have fresh, clean water to drink. And the thanks we get? It won't be the flowers in Spring now will it?

See, cabin fever is taking over.

There is a fly fishing show next weekend over in Bellevue. We haven't decided if we are going or not. It gets pretty expensive. We park on this side of the water, take the ferry then a cab to the show. Totals out the best part of $100 by the time we get home. Our point in attending is to see what is new that we might have missed. The last show we went to over there, (I think two years ago) had more destination booths than fly fishing gear. I have noticed the timing of these shows is about perfect - just enough good stuff to keep us from going absolutely batty .

I've been trying to think of some really good advice to give you to help get through what seems to be the 'endless' winter. I don't have any magic answers, but - if you have a favorite book this might be the time to re-read it. If you've been thinking about trying to master some phase of fly tying, why not now?

If you follow the Bulletin Board you may have noticed a mid-winter fishing expedition happening this week. Some of our readers are getting together in Tullahoma, TN for some fishing and food. Hurrah for them. That's one way to conquer the shack nasties.

How about planning a trip yourself? I know the economy sucks, but that doesn't mean we all have to quit living. You might want to scale down on your ideal trip, but isn't going somewhere better than not going at all? Check the Fish-In schedules, maybe there is an opportunity to meet up with some other folks from FAOL. That really is a treat, a good thing.

What we all need is some nice reassurance that spring is going to come, that all will be right with the world, and we and our families will all live happily ever after. I can't promise that of course, but I can try and make things right in my own little world.

Give you wife, significant other a hug, a kiss if your bido will let you, and say something nice. Trust me, it will go a long way toward making things better. ~ DLB

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