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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

January 26th, 2009

Getting it Right

Every once in a while I stumble on something which just tickles me. One of those things that someone really did right.

It is pretty obvious the economy is sick - I'm not going to get into the how or why, because I have a really funny feeling about the whole thing. So just as the election is getting hot, this guy from Treasury goes into congress to testify and tells everyone the country is about to go into the dumper and someone has to do something. Pardon me, but just when did the Treasury find out about the problem? Why did he pick that particular day to spring the news? I'm not a financial whiz at all, but you don't just announce the country is in big trouble without a warning - who the heck was watching the barn, so to say? At any rate, I have the feeling the whole thing is a set up, and trust me, someone is going to make a bundle on it. Again.

Off the track, sorry. I wanted to give a pat on the back to a local group, The Kitsap Poggie Club. This is a bunch of fishermen, not all fly fishers, who get together for some fishing trips, have a fund-raiser or two, a summer picnic, a spring tune-up and they have fly tying classes over the winter. A good number of their members volunteer at the Grover Fish Hatchery during the fall salmon runs.

When the hatchery salmon (a tribal hatchery) return to spawn, eggs are taken and fertilized to make sure there is a reproducible resource. The fish are still good at the time the eggs are taken, so instead of having the fish carted away to be used as fertilizer, several of the Poggie members gut and cleaned the fish, cut them into portions and stowed them in freezers, (very protein rich) to supply the salmon to families struggling to get by on very thin budgets. The group processed about 2,000 pounds of fish this fall. This a super effort by the Poggie Club and of course couldn't happen without the total cooperation by the Suquamish Tribe. 2,000 pounds is a lot of salmon. It's a big deal, and we're very proud to be associated with the group. Well done folks! By the way, the salmon was distributed to families, the elderly, and local food banks just about Christmas time. Plans are underway for a repeat of the program next fall when Chinook salmon are available at the hatchery.

Another piece of nice came by way of an email. A long time reader said he wanted to build a rod for a young person who might not be able to afford a nice rod. He wanted to pay forward - and in a way he is also recognizing the folks from FAOL who gave him a hand up when he was just getting started. You may have seen a post on our Bulletin Board by Castwell asking for information on any person you may want to suggest to receive the rod. Feel free to make a suggestion as well.

Last on my list, which has sort of become a 'thank you,' is to a long-time reader in California.

Robert, I really enjoyed your letter. I'm sorry your health kept you from fishing in 2008, and it's our hope you will be able to get out this year and wet a line. When you said FAOL was your fishing partner I almost cried. I honestly had not thought of FAOL in that way - I know a lot of folks do depend on us to be here, and to be a safe, comfortable place to spend some time - and of course I know the many friendships which have resulted from folks being part of the community which is FAOL. But Robert, it is the first time anyone has ever said we were their fishing partner.

I really am pleased and grateful. It is a huge compliment, thank you so much. ~ DLB

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