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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
January 23rd, 2005


My dad was a fisherman and a hunter. I have some wonderful memories of pheasant hunting with him. When I was too small to legally carry a shotgun, mother went with us. She didn't ever fire a gun that I remember, but the extra license meant more birds for dinner.

We also hunted partridge with a English Setter who on one occasion remembered where the car was when dad didn't. We got lost.

Then there were ducks. If the weather turned out to be "a butterfly day" instead of overcast or crummy which ducks seem to prefer, we would fish for huge yellow perch, so we ended up with a great day regardless. Dad had a small 16 foot boat which served as either a portable duck blind or a fishing boat. Good times. And to no small amount those experiences helped to make me who I am today.

My first husband wasn't much of a hunter, although we did hunt rabbits with a friend who had great beagles. For an army man, he wasn't much of a shot 'tho. The dogs ran the rabbits past him twice and he didn't shoot either time. After that the dogs took the rabbit in a different direction. They figure things out quite well.

After Jim and I were married and moved to Montana, hunting changed. It really wasn't hunting as much as it was procuring. The hunter-gatherer thing. We killed deer, elk and antelope for the freezer. I will probably never live down shooting a spike bull instead of a trophy because I knew it would eat better.

Jim's decoys made the move to Montana too. Not so much because we knew there were a lot of ducks, but because the decoys were old and he couldn't bare to part with them. We hadn't heard of the Pacific Flyway at that time (well maybe heard about, but not known) so we were amazed to find better duck hunting than we had in Michigan. So good in fact that it really spoiled the "hunt."

Unfortunately kids today don't have as many opportunities as those of us who are older had. Parents don't seem to be 'into' hunting, and access isn't as easy either. And to be blunt, the anti-hunting people have negatively influenced the acceptance of any of the hunting sports. That really is a shame, but perhaps the tide is turning.

I watched a television program the other night where Ted Nugent was taking city people to his ranch and introducing them, as part of a reality game, to 'roughing it.' Quite entertaining to say the least. Ted Nugent is very vocal about his feeling on guns and gun control, and not afraid to go against what the media says.

The problem with the media is they don't necessarily tell the truth. If they tell one side of a story, and their 'facts' are not facts but fiction, is it lying? Their agenda is so important it seems alright to them to say anything to implement it. They no longer have any line between truth and fiction because their goals are so important.

Every time some misguided kid takes a gun to school, (the latest was a pellet gun which looked so real the cops didn't know the difference and the kid was shot) the media comes out with another big deal on gun control.

Usually Great Britain is at least one of the examples held up for everyone to see.

"See how civilized they are?"

"See how superior they are?"

"They put strict gun control into effect and took everyone's guns!"

And even though the folks who wanted to keep their guns told the 'experts' that "when citizens didn't have guns the only people who would have them was criminals." Of course they were were right, and here is the proof:

Since the British Firearms Act of 1997 armed crime has been on the rise. The London Times published a story on January 16th, 1998 that sums up the situation rather well. The headline reads, "Killings Rise As 3 Million Illegal Guns Flood Britain." The story goes on to say, "Armed crime rose 10% in 1998 and the numbers for 1999 may be even more dramatic." During the first seven months of 2001, armed robberies in London rose by 53 percent.

In a USA Today story on August 6, 2001 reporter Ellen Hale wrote, "Guns increasingly the weapon of choice of criminals across Britain....criminal use of handguns in Britain had increased almost 40% in three years."

Would you believe that by the end of 2002, the crime rates in Britain actually exceeded those in the US for robbery, assault, burglary and were quickly rising to match the rate of murder and rape. Not percentages, actual numbers.

Wait! There's more. Compare the size of England to the whole United States.

What's wrong with that picture?

And even more, why don't we hear those numbers and facts?

For those who feel I am biased, yes I am. We have the right to bear arms in this country, and I'm proud to say I have and do. I am currently licensed to carry a concealed weapon and have been for many years.

While I haven't hunted with a gun in a number of years, I know I can if I chose. And I know I can protect myself and my household should I need to. By the way, did you know the largest number of concealed weapons permits, (including Washington state - one of the most liberal states) are held by women?

I fear the culture of our country is being wrongly influenced by people who intentionally lie. Not mislead or unintentionally misinform. The word is lie.

Think I'm just making this all up? Go to and type in British Gun Control and start reading for yourself. It's all there. The facts are ugly.

For the folks who still love fine guns and dogs to hunt with, your days are numbered if the anti-gun people get their way. To the parents who think they are 'protecting' their children by encouraging gun control, you best do some reading on too. The numbers on violent youth crime in Britian are astounding.

To those who have never had the experience of hunting, or look down their noses at those who do, you've missed an important part of the American experience. You are in no position to judge those who hunt or wish to own guns.

The facts, real facts are in. Gun control doesn't work.

Now, I'm going to make some plans to pack for a fly-fishing trip.

Gives a whole new meaning to "packing," right? ~ The LadyFisher

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