This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
January 16th, 2005

The Joke

Last week we had a little 'dust up' on our Bulletin Board. It would have been really silly, except it was a sign of where even our fly fishing world has gone.

The object of the dust up was a joke. That's it, a joke. From what was a joke, it became 'insulting,' 'anti-academic,' religious and I think politically incorrect ('tho I may have missed something.)

We removed it.

And you know what? We were absolutely wrong to do so.

If we were to strictly follow the rules, we would not allow any posts which were not totally fly-fishing related. Well that might work, but it sure would be dull. We would remove any requests for prayers for those among our community who have medical problems or deaths in the family. Or encouragement and support for one of our own going through alcohol treatment. Not about to happen. I could continue with a list of what would be removed if we strictly followed not our rules, but understand this, what others interpret those rules to be.

Ah ha!

The politically correct has struck again. In fly fishing? Yes, right here on Fly Anglers OnLine.

To make it plain, NO JOKES about anything, well, there is an exception. You could make jokes about conservatives, guns, war, white men, husbands, Christians, uneducated white trailer trash - those all fit into the liberal or feminine agenda of being 'funny.' Anything else is off limits.

Aren't you glad to know that?

But wait, there's more.

This past week, I think in Colorado, three Eco-Terrorists, who call themselves ALF or ELF were arrested by the FBI. These are the wing-nuts who burn down resorts, college lab facilities, car dealerships and large housing developments to promote their cause. Frankly I'm not sure anyone cares what the cause is any more. They have outlived their usefulness, if they ever had any.

But in our Politically Correct (PC) world, the left-coast liberal media didn't say quite that. What they said, (and not on page one) was "3 Alleged ELF Members Detained." Nothing about the eco-terrorism of course, or the millions of dollars of damage they caused.


This does affect you and me. Any time anyone of any stripe tries to tells us what is the Politically Correct thing to say or good grief, think, we are in big trouble. When the media 'rephrases' events so they don't mean quite the same thing - all in a effort of course to not offend someone, somewhere, it diminishes all of us. Not to mention our country. Opps, sorry, patriotism is out too. Haven't you heard?

Why do you think PETA is allowed to get away with the crap they do? It certainly wouldn't be PC to arrest them, or make fun of them, or make it look like they are a silly bunch of asses? Bare asses at that - how's that for silly. And certainly no one would ever purposefully confront all the Hollywood 'stars' who financially support these causes? That isn't PC either. And while I'm asking questions, is financial support to PETA, ALF, ELF and the rest of the eco-terrorists tax deductible?

But PETA is allowed to show up in our public schools, give out literature against fishing and hunting and eating meat, and, and, and.....Why is that?

If you and I attempted the same thing, what you do think would happen?

Have you noticed, it is just dandy for the PC people to use intimidation and innuendo to keep everyone else from saying anything against them? Or did you miss the so-called 'hearings' in the Senate this past week? The 'trial' of Alito? Well it ain't gonna happen here.

Hunters and fishermen have been harassed - and that is PC. No one arrests them. Anyone even filed a complaint? Why not? Fear? Of whom? Or what? Afraid of not being PC?

Well folks, here's a line in the sand.

It stops here. I got my wake-up call. For those of you who think you must live by their PC rules, it is your choice. We refuse to do it here. There is a distinct difference between being PC and behaving like ladies and gentlemen. We do expect 'gentlemanly' behavior here. (Yes, that goes for the ladies too.)

If you don't like what we do or say here, don't come here.

There are still some choices left here in the US, freedom of choice is one, and I don't mean abortion.

And that isn't a joke. ~ The LadyFisher

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