This Week's View

by Deanna Lee Birkholm
January 15th, 2007


I haven't figured out how to do multiple 'oops' or I would.

This week has been a mess. Beyond cold, ice, snow, power outages, doctor appointment and several upgrades for this website, I've also been trying to learn a complete new program. (And let's be honest, I'm an old bat and this stuff doesn't get any easier.) Some days you just can't get a break. In this case the whole week has been like that.

Our apologies on the Bulletin Board. Yes, it works, and yes, you can post photos again. But - in trying to control the spam and porn slime balls trying to register, we've also either slowed down or in some cases, plain deleted people who really are fly anglers. That's a big oops. Some have contacted us and asked why it has taken so long (six days in one case) and we really do feel badly about that. He was finally included. However, if you have registered and have not been allowed, please do let me know. I really am sorry. Please keep in mind, we're getting hundreds of registrations every day. You think your email is bad? I receive about a thousand a day.

You will note we are short some articles this week. We are rebuilding the site from the bottom up, and it is taking more time than we expected. It will get better. You may not notice anything on your end as you read FAOL, well, except pages and photos should load faster for you. If you are on a slow dial-up you may not see any differences at all.

Think you have 'cabin fever'? I'm really ready to bug out.

On the other hand, Neil Travis has an article this week which is about as close as I'll get. Do yourself a favor, get a fresh cup of coffee and read High Summer. You'll be glad you did.

You can do something for us 'tho. Here's a way to get rid of the cabin fever, do something constructive (and fun) for your fellow readers here. Write something. A Fly of the Week is always great, but not everyone has the photographic equipment to pull that off - if you do, by all means, send one in. But anyone who has fished over the past year just has to have a story. What was the 'biggie' this year? Where did you go? What did you do? Catch anything? Have any really super events? Get lost? Fall in? Teach someone a trick or two? Something about a Fish-In?

Well, how about sharing it with us all? Send to: .

Trust me, if you do, you'll feel better too. ~ The LadyFisher

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