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by Deanna Lee Birkholm

January 10th, 2005

Politically Correct?

"Bushwhack, Ransack, Pillage, and Plunder."

Those words are the lead in one of the 'premier' - or should I say formerly premier fly fishing magazine December articles.

This so-called 'review' under the guise of an angler's analysis of environmental policy is another example of why Fly Anglers Online made the decision we do not allow politics on our Bulletin Boards.

The 'article' clearly states it is intended to influence the election, and giving some credit to the publishers, it did run after the elections.

However, the article is full of mis-statements, absolute lies, attempts to smear good people by association with bad people (some of whom are long dead) and example after example which has been used over and over again by every anti-administration guru.

As I read through it, actually knowing the whole story on many of the items the 'author' detailed, I was just sick. Because I know there are at least some folks who will actually believe it.

How sad.

At the very end, a 'disclaimer': [The opinions expressed in Forum are those of the authors who appear here and so not necessarily reflect the editorial policies or views of ............... We welcome polite reader responses to the issues presented here. The Editor]

Sadder yet. The magazine ran it. ~ DLB

Addendum: Unfortunately I gave the editors too much credit, the issue came out two weeks before the election. Information in from a subscriber. dlb

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