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by Deanna Lee Birkholm
January 7th, 2007


Cabin fever hasn't shown up around Fly Anglers OnLine (yet) and perhaps with all the new features on the Bulletin Board, including a blog - and a new Chatroom, we may avoid some of the grumpiness which invades us when we can't fish.

Not to be discouraged, read the Readers Cast this week - photos included of some of the more hardy FAOL folks who traveled to Central Washington, (Ephrata to be exact) for something called the New Year's Day Fish-In. For those who rather fish in warm weather, the Central Washington Fish-In has been a favorite for those who love spring creeks and big trout. That one usually happens around Mother's Day. Keep your eyes open for that one.

On a personal note, I regret to say my shoulder operation for a torn rotator cuff failed. It wasn't quite right from the beginning. I went through the required therapy and the pain level didn't change much. I've had a couple MRI's recently, and while we had hope, it appears I will have a 2nd surgery to hopefully repair it this coming Thursday, Jan. 10th.

My reason for bringing it up at all is I will be disabled for a few weeks. Last time I was able to at least answer email after about 10 days. So if you have something which needs to be handled through here, please get it to me before Thursday. After that, if you need to contact us please use the phone and call. (Our phone number is given on the 'Contact Us' page.)

Not being able to do much on the computer also means I will not be able to get a new issue up for a while. I don't know how long. I can hope - but in reality this will be the last issue for a while.

In the meantime, there is a ton of great information in our archives. Spend some time reading the old articles you may have missed. You could also do some planning for the upcoming season.

I heard a rumor that some of the Ohio folks are making plans to attend the Idaho Fish-In this fall. Here's an idea for you. Many years ago, JC, Neil Travis and a third friend, Ole, planned a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. JC had a camper trailer, and they pooled funds for gas and food. They had a wonderful time!

We don't hear much about fellows car-pooling for a fishing trip these days - but why not? And the Idaho Fish-In is the perfect venue. There is camping spaces, RV spaces, motel rooms and cabins. Something for everyone...and very reasonable as well.

JC and I always enjoy the Central Washington Fish-In (although a date has not been set for this spring yet) - and we made the Michigan Fish-In last year and probably will be there again this summer. The Idaho Fish-In is almost carved in stone, although I didn't get to fish last fall because of the first shoulder surgery.

Winter is a great time to get things lined up for the next season. Including a neat trip or two. ~ The LadyFisher

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