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1st Quarter. 2009
LadyFisher Archive

The Cost of Free
There's 'Friends' and then there's...
Getting it Right
Ah Spring
Outside the Square Box
Back Again
The First Frog
Flyfishers Are Easily Led
2nd Qtr. 2009

Let Me Count The Ways
From the Mail Bag
Grab A Log on Your Way In
Back Again
Promises Kept
Resident Angels
Our Love Affair with Bottled Water
3rd Quarter. 2009
Ladyfisher Archive

Over the Hill
Nothing Like Family
Hatchless in Montana
Wind, Bugs, and NO FISH

4th Qtr. 2009
LadyFisher Archive


1st Quarter. 2008
LadyFisher Archive

I'm Back...
Bottled Water
Old Water
Spring Fever?
More Than Meets the Eye (R)
Seaonal Stocking?
On The Road Again
The Learning Curve
Missed the Turn (R)
2nd Qtr. 2008
LadyFisher Archive

Positive Thinking
Welcome Back
I Get to Whine
Walk Lightly
About Time
Memorial Day 2008
Random Clips
The Right Place at the Right Time
Don't Miss …
Anyone for Fishing?
3rd Quarter. 2008
LadyFisher Archive

A Little Gratitude
What Happened to Flying?
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Where Did It Go?
Just Get 'er Done
It's Just Beer
Happy Birthday FAOL!
im a beginner, i have a question
Water Water Everywhere
4th Qtr. 2008
LadyFisher Archive

More Idaho
Films On the Way
It's All Good
One Percent
And It's Called....
Ghost Fish
Bait and Switch
The Road Less Traveled
Catching Nothing, But,
'Big Ideas' that just don't die
Fly Fish Next Year?
Timeless Rhythm - A Song (R) 
Something Weird Happened on the Way To...


1st Quarter. 2007
LadyFisher Archive

Bless This Home
Dear Abby
Ya Gotta Have Heart
Just Questions
Show Time Again
New to Fly Fishing? (R)
More Than Meets the Eye
Careful What You Wish For
Wonder Bread
2nd Qtr. 2007
LadyFisher Archive

Another Loaf
My Backyard
Mail Bag
Nils' Lake
Fat Fish
3rd Qtr. 2007
LadyFisher Archive

Freedoms Are Not Free
A Super F.I.
Rotator Cuff
Kudos Angler's and Gates Lodge
Toast of the Town
Too Tall for Keyholes
The Game
Life is Good
Blue Bunny
4th Qtr. 2007
LadyFisher Archive

Mostly Good News
Playing Catch-Up
As Interesting As You Make It
A Step in the Right Direction
Timeless Rhythm - A Song
Give Me the Simple Life?


1st Quarter. 2006
LadyFisher Archive

Back Roads
The Joke
Is Your Fly Fishing Boring?
About "Reality"
This Week's Column
Another Week
Dad is a Dork
Frame of Reference
Purveyor of Peace
2nd Qtr. 2006
LadyFisher Archive

And The Secret Is...
Tall Poppy
For the Birds
Born in a Barn?
A Few Days...
Where's The Kids?
Downstream and Dry It's a Bird
Artificial Enhancement
Instant Breakfast
Technical or Common Sense?
The Important Stuff
3rd Qtr. 2006 
LadyFisher Archive

Lost and Found?
Nympholepsy (r)
Changes Coming
About Our Industry
Birds of a Feather Beware:
The Risk of Avian Flu and Fly Fishing

I'm Going
Yes, You Can
Wrap-Up Michigan Fish-In '06
About Ten Years Ago
Our Trip
Here's More Michigan Fish-In '06
4th Qtr. 2006
LadyFisher Archive

Little Things
Vote NO!
In The News
Home Waters
A Little Respect
Family Foundations
Running Away from Home (R)
The Bench. . .
Timeless Rhythm - A Song (R)
Survival Mode


1st Quarter. 2005
LadyFisher Archive

Where Is It?
Ladies Night
Sure Is Green
There's 'Friends' and then there's...
De Ja Montana
A Pumpkin Seed In Ossineke
Fels Naphtha
Why Bother?
Picture This
Politically Correct?
It's In There
2nd Quarter. 2005
LadyFisher Archive

The Case of the Old Yellow Cat
I've Been 'Fired' and Loved It
Paying Forward 
Reducing Rod Breakage (Guest)
Farewell, 'till we meet again
A Weekend Away
Just Stockers?
Just Another Sailor
Counting Noses
Did You Know?
Courtesy, Honor and Respect
Fish and Tell
3rd Qtr. 2005 
LadyFisher Archive

Oliver Wilcox Horton (Taps)
When Bad Things Happen
Why are Some So Successful in Fly Fishing?
Follow YOUR Money
Let's Pretend
From This Side of the Screen
Something for Nothing?
The Wedding
Denver Show '05
Denver Show '05, Part Two
4th Qtr. 2005
LadyFisher Archive

Back From Idaho
Fish-In Bonus Stuff
Almost Time
Hot Buttons
Problem At Chico Creek
I Can Hope
Happy Mistake
No Hits, No Runs
Thinking Positive
The Perfect Gift
Timeless Rhythm - A Song


1st Quarter. 2004
LadyFisher Archive

Putting Names On...
Success or Failure?
Snow Birds
Coming Attractions
Got Cancer? Yet?
SPF 50
FAOL Sponsors Win Awards
South Andros, February '04
About the "Cudda"
Tax Bucks Blown?
Island Tour
I Have Arrived (Well Maybe Not)
It's Spring
2nd Quarter. 2004
LadyFisher Archive

Isn't It Great
Find Your Oval Yet?
How To Strip
Better Casting
CWFI '04
As a Rule, 3 Seconds is Good
Sharing Knowledge
The AFTMA Fly Line Standards
In Honor of Memorial Day 2004
Before Hip Boots
Guilt - The Gift That Keeps on Giving
3rd Qtr. 2004 
LadyFisher Archive

The Unknowns
Come One, Come All
Bug Latin
Bug Latin, Revisited
Hey, You're 26% Female!
Sorry, My Mistake!
Worth Fighting For
Your Opinion Does Count
Our Eighth Year!
Silver King Award
Tilting at Windmills?
The Last of the Elitists
4th Quarter. 2004
LadyFisher Archive

A Close Call
How to (Avoid) Swim in Saltwater
Fishless Day
Celebrating the Death of a Chum
Beware of Winter Ruts
It's Over
It's Not World Wide Wrestling
Of Flies and Memories
The Sheriff on Nottingham, Robin Hood and Men in Tights
And Now, For the Rest of the Story
Genesis One
Timeless Rhythm - A Song
Whose Rules?


1st Quarter. 2003
LadyFisher Archive

It Just Ain't Right
I'm Going Fishing!
Share the Knowledge
PBS Bought the Series!
The "A Team"
Another Facet
Them Bonz
Snippets from the South Andros Trip
Beyond the Catching of Fish
Show Goodies
Controlled Slack-(Line Mending)
2nd Quarter. 2003
LadyFisher Archive

Follow the Money
The Original Amateur Hour
Another Fish-In, Another Day
Give Them The Back Of Your Hand
And the Wheels are off the Buggy...
More to Learn?
A Dream Becomes A Nightmare
On This Side of the Computer
Rod and Line Ratings
Words or Phrases That Describe Fishing
Equal Opportunity
3rd Qtr. 2003 
LadyFisher Archive

Expanding Your Fly Fishing
Tacky, Slippery, Slimy?
Stay In Your Class - Choose The Right Rod!
Central Oregon Fish In or Who's Got the Cheeto's
Stick or Automatic
Elbow Down
Running Away From Home or Instant Gratification
Light the Candles!
A Little Preview 
Another Opening Another Show
Denver Show, Part 2
What's the Standard?
Fish-In '03
4th Quarter. 2003
LadyFisher Archive

In Passing
Got a Question?
Bug Out
Give 'em the Bird
And Touch the Face of God
We'll Be Back
A Few Thoughts
He Stood Upon the Bobbing Deck
This 'Bud'-get's for You
Water Rights
Traditional Christmas Story
Miss Something?
1st Qtr. 2002 
LadyFisher Archive

The Essence of Gary LaFontaine
Sponsors, Who Needs Them?
Women Who Don't Fish
What's In A Name?
Sour Grapes?
Line Cleaners
Go Fish!
Not Me, I didn't Do It!
Fuzzy Buggers
2nd Qtr. 2002
LadyFisher Archive

My Grandmother Said . . .
About the Table
Wanted Dead or Alive
It's a Very Personal Thing
Missing Something?
Moving On?
In Memory
Isn't It Funny . . .
Why Fish-Ins Work
Get A Bigger Hammer
3rd Qtr. 2002 
LadyFisher Archive

The 4th in the 40's
Cash Talks - The Rest Walks
Chasing the Hatch
How About Some Perspective?
We're Back
Our Week
The Great Race
How Old Is Grandma?
Politics and Fly Fishing 
Five Years and Counting
In Search of the Perfect Rod
What I Think Jim and Deanna Might Have Picked
Salty Stuff
Fish-In 2002
4th Qtr. 2002
LadyFisher Archive

No Guarantee?
Boning Up For The Bahamas
Rites of Passage
Fish School?
Less is More?
The Road Less Traveled
Why Doesn't My Rod Cast...
Good Grief
How FAOL 'Tests' Rods
Traditional Christmas Story
Annual Report Fly Anglers OnLine


1st Quarter. 2001
LadyFisher Archive

Buyer Beware
Picking A Fly Rod 
Standing Tall
So What's a Fish-In?
Miller vs. Planer
Line Control
In the Wind
Got a Favorite?
Count Your Blessings
A Little Adversity
2nd Qtr. 2001
LadyFisher Archive

David Meets Goliath
Don't Miss It
A Little Slack?
Bourbon in a Tin Cup
Don't Be Afraid to Follow the Band
Fraternity of Fly Fishers
A Little Joy
Exactly Where to Fish
3rd Qtr. 2001 
LadyFisher Archive

Those BIG Reels
What is Fly Fishing?
A Special Thanks
The Folstaf
Good News/Bad News
A Myth?
What Are We?
Happy Birthday FAOL!
Show Report and My Pick
Rising Trout . . .
4th Qtr. 2001
LadyFisher Archive

Pass the Lemonade
It's Fall 
Tecky Talk
Did We Lose The Gilder
Happy Caster?
Let's Roll
A Fish Not Caught
Learned Behavior
Get Rich Quick?
About Dead Fish
I'm Free
A Timeless Rhythm - A Song
No Spin Zone


3rd Quarter. 2000
LadyFisher Archive

What Happened . . .
Where Did It Come From?
Casting About
Hype or Not?
A New Spirit?
More Questions
Are You A Fly Fisherman? Or . . .
The Art of Fly Fishing
So It's Hooked - Now What?
Magic Pill?
Show Time (part 1)
Show Time concluded
4th Qtr. 2000
LadyFisher Archive

It's About Writing
A Little Help?
Slip and Slide
There's going fishing, fishing and . .
Last Day
Dr. Spock
A Timeless Rhythm - A Song
1st Qtr. 2000 
LadyFisher Archive

New Year, New Millennium, new . .?
Soul Food
Where the Osprey Goes (Guest Column)
Clark Fork
It's about Time
Of Bridges and Mile-Stones
To Be a Champion
Losing It
New to Fly Fishing?
Physics of Casting?
Seeing Red
You're Invited! - 2000
2nd Qtr. 2000
LadyFisher Archive

Market This!
What's Your Game?
It Was A Very Good Year
Clean Up
The Bite
Wrong Bug 
Secrets of Fly Fishing
Here comes da judge
Another White Rat
Boom Time!
Life is Good
Uniform of the Day


3rd Qtr. 1999 
LadyFisher Archive

"Come On Fishergirls!"
Advanced Fly Fishing
From the Deck
By Request
Saving salmon on the Snake River
Water Water Everywhere
We've Come a Long Way
The Numbers Game
The Bulge
Surprises (Salt Lake show)
More on the Big Show
4th Qtr. 1999 
LadyFisher Archive

A Guy Thing?
Spiders and Other Fears
So Do Your Duty
Something Entirely Different
Winter in Paradise
Save Your Own Memory
A Little Guilt
So It Could Be Worse
But How Do You Kill A Fish?
The Week That Was
It's a Wonderful Site
Keeping Christmas
Not Looking Back
1st Qtr. 1999 
LadyFisher Archive

The Spin, Part 1
The Spin, Part 2
Instant Gratification
Attack on Catch & Release
Ice Fishing
View from San Mateo
For the Birds
Well Darm
About Andros
More About Andros
Who Needs It? - I Do
2nd Qtr. 1999 
LadyFisher Archive

Spinning Disease Found!
Couch Potatoes
Get Hooked?
Another View - Modest Proposal
You're Invited
John Wayne and Fly Fishing
Got Milk?
National Fishing Week
Sorry About That
Anti-Gun Nuts
More on the Fish-In


1st Qtr. 1998 
LadyFisher Archive

Need a Guide?
Green Cabin Pool
Gone to the Dogs
Politically Incorrect?
Maybe it's Memories That Make You a Bum
The Responsibility of Opportunity
Love the One You're With
Four Letter Word?
Old Favorites
Mystery Solved
Opening Day
It's Fishing, Not Shopping!
2nd Qtr. 1998
LadyFisher Archive

It's Your Fault!
Just do it!
Opening Day Story
Waters of Life
Fly Fishing Tournaments? Not!
Changes and Good News
Lorelei's Song of the Salt
Sun Rise - Sunset?
Busman's Holiday
Fish Story
Night of the Hex
Good News!
Float Tubes - The Personal Watercraft!
3rd Qtr. 1998 
LadyFisher Archive

Going Home
Floating the Manistee River
Out and About
Quality Water
On The Road, Observations
On To Rock Creek
Farewell FFF
The Fishing Buddies
What About Stomach Pumps?
Stomach Pumps, Anglers, and Ethics
The Salt Lake Fly Fishing Retailers Show 
Uh Oh
4th Qtr. 1998 
LadyFisher Archive

Not Again
Not Illegal?
New Releases of Old Books
Dam, Salmon
Whip Finish Without Tools!
Pocket Cleaning
Doping It Out
Under the Bridge
Surfing Pays Off
Advance on Christmas
Miracles of Nature
Yellowstone Grayling


1997 LadyFisher Archive

Born in a Barn?
Kill Your Limit?
Missed The Turn
Worms For Sale
4th Qtr. 1997 
LadyFisher Archive

Review and Retrospect: The IFTD Show
In Defense of Men
Spare The Rod!
Dork Patrol
Bonefishin' on a Bahaman Cay
What's So Important About A Name?
Getting Wet for an Education
Something Different!
Grab A Log on Your Way In
Stuck in a Rut?
A Timeless Rhythm - A Song
Finish or Not?

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