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ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES - Classic Salmon Fly Patterns

Tom Travis - XXX, 2015

Classic Salmon Fly Patterns: Over 1700 Patterns From The Golden Age Of Tying by Mike Radencich (2012)

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By the spring of 2014, I completed several assignments with my mentor and dressed many patterns on my own. The more I dressed, the more I learned. Also as I completed one pattern, my interests grew to the next pattern. And so it continues.

I didn't consider getting this book till I become familiar to and comfortable with the entire subject. This is where enthusiasm and dedication to Atlantic Salmon Flies lead. This book is where I finally reached and sought for as I get more enthusiastic and more dedicated to the subject. Then I go more from & with this book!!


The title says all. This book (Stackpole Books, ISBN: 978-0-8117-4, ISBN: 0-8117-0852-7) contains fly-patterns and dressings more than any other modern publications have done before. It's a superb and admirable work by not only Radencich but also many other tyers and dressers.

This book is so very useful and easy to find fly patterns. It's in alphabetical order. Then, one can find the patterns & dressings by referred books/authors (19th & 20th century, or some are even not available) or by contributing fly-tyers.
There are lots of traditional patterns that are dressed differently by each dresser or author. This book does superb jobs about it by listing multiple dressings for one pattern (mostly with pictures). Say, there are "12" dressings for Childers. Now one can compare each author's dressing and differences between without consulting original sources.

Bonus DVD of Durham Ranger tying instruction is honestly too good to be just a bonus!!

Durham Ranger as per Pryce-Tannatt

This is not a tying instruction book. Not a coffee-table book either but all the beautiful flies can be seen just as a gallery of beautiful objects by those who don't tie or aren't familiar with Atlantic Salmon flies and their history.

Satoshi Yamamoto, www.leftyanglerandflies.com, is a guide and a fly-dresser in Livingston, MT.

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