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Satoshi Yamamoto - Dec 7, 2015

The Salmon Flyer - In the Online and Digital Era:

All through the course of pursuing Atlantic Salmon Flies, I've been greatly benefited by online sources. I can find images of one particular pattern, an exotic feather, where to buy them, and online transactions. There are even tying instruction videos. If you would join a forum site, you can join the discussion, share thoughts, and exchange opinions. I've been sending in my completed flies to my mentor for evaluation along with letter. But also I communicate with him emails with pictures attached.

NOTE: As I mentioned in the first chapter, FAOL contains very good amount and quality articles about Atlantic Salmon Flies.

We live in the far more convenient era! Through my online searches, I came up with The Salmon Flyer. I became interested in a moment! All the superb articles written by All Star masters!! Back then, I could imagine this was a booklet for members, published every certain period. Again, nowadays, this kind of style has been handled by online means = emails and websites.

I'm simply impressed by and do admire all the effort at that time. Also, this tells me there have been enthusiasts who preserve traditions and historical legacy and then keep our passion and artistic sense going. Though I'm just a fly-dresser in my own right, I'd like to join the circle.


Simply drop by: http://www.ronnlucassr.com/the%20salmon%20flyer/salflyer/index.html. If you have problems, do an online search "salmon flyer" and look for it.

It's full of great information, period. Some highly respected dressers are sharing their skills and knowledge. I have clicked every page but someday in a near future I hope to print out them all so I can sit down comfortably (or lay down) and read.

Every new and modern initiate should read and pay great respect for Masters and their effort of publishing this series for elven years.

Though not relevant to the writing, I couldn't let the chapter go without a picture or two.
Here's one of my projects to express my homage to my predessesors.

Satoshi Yamamoto, www.leftyanglerandflies.com, is a guide and a fly-dresser in Livingston, MT.

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