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Tom Travis - Aug 3, 2015

Many times I have watched the sunrise over the Spring Creeks of Paradise Valley, and marveled over the first awakening of the of the spring creek, that first rise, or the steam coming off the water due to colder air temperatures. The first sound of the ducks or watching the first flight of the Osprey over the water, the slow but steady growth of daylight and finally the first peep of the sun over the eastern Mountains. Knowing that a new day of fishing adventure had begun and though the fishing is very important to me, the real beauty of the morning and the awakening of nature is something to be enjoyed and treasured every single time you get to experience it.

Over the course of the past years I have been able to enjoy the break of day on many the finest trout stream throughout this wonderful country of ours and seldom have I been disappointed in the fishing adventured offered by the new day.

Over the course of my fishing adventures I have caught big trout, small trout and medium sized trout however none have disappointed me. Like all anglers I enjoy catching larger trout and throughout my career I have caught my fair share of large trout but the size of the trout never matters to me. It has always been the challenge of the feeding trout and if I could fool the trout.

In the fly fishing world of today magazines, books and blogs often talk of chasing the "Hogs" and glory in the adventures of larger trout without really imparting the knowledge and time it takes to chase those larger fish. Each to his or her own and fly fishing is a sport that one can take to any level and be perfectly happy at that level.

However, I will state that all trout interest me as do the places they reside, the splash of the rise, the noticing of the trout lying on the bottom slowly moving from side to side while feeding on nymph, the beauty of the stream or pond, the call of the sandhill cranes, the flight of the eagle, the singing of the songbirds. The deer feeding in the field, the hatch of the insects and so much more that is almost impossible to put into words. Fly Fishing is a way of life for me, a life filled with joy, peace, adventure and challenge in the pursuit of the trout the fill the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds of my life.

Now I chase more than just trout, as a matter of fact I will chase any fish that will eat an artificial fly in both freshwater and saltwater it is the challenge of each species and setting and learning about the fish, the habitat, how they feed, how the weather affects their feeding habits. There is so much to learn and so many challenge to overcome that I have little time to boast over my successes. Furthermore every time I get too boastful or cocky the fish have a way of showing me that I still have much to learn and therefore to share the knowledge with others.

For me it is the experience and the act of doing and learning and fills my and leads me to many wonderful sunsets on the water. Therefore I advise that you go fishing and enjoy the experience, some fish will be small some will be medium sized and every now and then you will catch a large fish, enjoy the experience but don't fixate on it as the next one may be small.

Don't forget to enjoy the sunset and the last moments on the water.

Enjoy & Good Fishin'

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