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Satoshi Yamamoto - Apr 21, 2014

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Because spring creek waters are clear and rich in nutrition, sculpin and other types of minnows inhabit the stream in great numbers. Hence they are one of the more important food sources for trout in spring creeks. These are not the type of food that is consider standard spring creek fare, but using flies that imitate these small minnows will produce some surprising results.



Belly – see why "gill" is often imitated red/orange in most fly patterns.

Found dead while kick-seining. No surprise if I find the same ones from stomach samplings.

Seasonal Importance:

Sculpins and minnows are another constant year-long food source for trout on spring creeks. Hence streamer fishing can be effective any time of the day, any day of the month, and twelve months of the year. When trout migrate into creeks from Yellowstone River for spawning, those large and aggressive trout will take streamers viciously. Often I use streamers day-in and -out and when I don't see any surface actions or somehow my nymphs are not producing.





  • Hook: Dai-Riki 280 size 8 to 12
  • Weight: .020 lead wire, 15 wraps  on the front half of hook-shank
  • Thread: 210 denier or MFC Streamer Thread in misc. colors
  • Flash (optional): Krystal Flash in misc. colors under tail and both sides
  • Tail & Top: Pine squirrel zonker
  • Ribbing: Fine silver or gold wire
  • Body: Ice Dub in misc. colors
  • Collar: Webby portion of low grade saddle hackles: grizzly, olive-grizzly, tan-grizzly
  • Eye: Small 3D or stick-on in misc. colors of choice
  • Head: Built up with thread & coated with Sally Hansen Hard-as-Nail (clear).

Note: ZAC stands for "Zonked And Chomped" as large predatory trout seem to find these small Zonker types just suitable for "one quick bite".

Egg Muddler Sculpin




  • Hook: Bent hook (Dai-Riki 700B, MFC7073) #4 & 6
  • Thread: 6/0 colors of choice
  • Barbell-eye: colors of choices (silver, nickel, or gold) with 3D-eye, also colors of choices.
  • Tail: Marabou
  • Body: Dubbing and a clump of Ozzie Possum
  • Dubbing for gill: Pink
  • Legs: 3 pairs of barred rubber-legs
  • Collar: Deer hair, same color as the top of head
  • Head: Deer hair, dark color always on top half
  • Egg: Otter's Egg 4mm (apricot, orange, etc.) stuck from the front of hook-eye over the red thread base and with super-glue.

Note: Recommended color combinations are as follows.

  1. Natural: natural deer hair = tan over white.
  2. Olive over white.
  3. Black over white.
  4. Black over olive. This should help you choose colors for marabou tail, body dubbing, and possum hair.

How to Fish:

A 5 or 6-weight rod with a regular floating line plus a 9 to 10-foot of leader will suffice. Leaders should end with 2X or heavier tippet. If necessary, apply split-shot on the leader in order to sink streamers. Dead-drifting with multiple mending and long and slow retrieve (1 foot of stripping) are two methods that I use the most. Often I encounter situations to sight-fish with streamers.

Satoshi Yamamoto, http://leftyangler.blogspot.com, is a guide and a professional fly-tyer in Livingston, MT.

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