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Satoshi Yamamoto - Jan 27, 2014

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Chapter 2: Cranefly Larva

Cranefly larva (Tiplidae) are very abundant in spring creeks and are among one of constant year-long food sources. I'd say they are among the Top 4 that I collect on spring creeks all through the year, along with midge larva, scuds, and sowbugs. They really vary in sizes as they can stretch. Every now and then my stomach pump feels "plugged" when I happen to collect them from trout! However I don't believe there are many anglers who fish with cranefly larva because there's not many (if any) good imitations on the market. Over the days of trials and errors, I came up with this pattern. "Size, shape, color" are presented just right.  

Pump result 1: slightly darker than the live ones.

Pump result 2: it seems it had been digested a while.



Seasonal Importance:
Even though these are present and available all year long, trout may pass up when other food sources are more abundant (this goes the same for scud and sowbug). During the periods when mayfly and caddis are actively hatching, trout simply pay more attention to them. In other words cranefly larvae are often sought after during late (fall) and early (spring) seasons, even all through winter months.

Sparkle Crane Larva - Tan

Hook: Dai-Riki 270 #6
Thread: Danville's 6/0 brown
Weight: 10 wraps of .020 lead under thorax position
Abdomen: EP Fiber Tan (10 to 11 segmentations)
Thorax: Dave Whitlock SLF dubbing, stone-brown, in a dubbing loop

Sparkle Crane Larva – Dirty Olive

Note: Use EP Fiber – Eel Green.

How to Fish:
Use under an indicator rig in moderate to fast riffles, where cranefly larvae are dislodged and washed away. Apply split-shots to achieve desired depth (speed to get down) and drift (the more weight, the slower the drift gets).

Gladly inhaled!

Satoshi Yamamoto, http://leftyangler.blogspot.com, is a guide and a professional fly-tyer in Livingston, MT.

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