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Satoshi Yamamoto - June 3, 2013

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Middle Section: I could go on details for each spot and section but if I would choose one to focus, that's Middle Section. In this series of columns I define Middle Section as stretch one can reach from Anglers' Hut (middle hut): Up-stream to a culvert below haystack and down-stream to a culvert above House Pond (of course one can reach from either end as well). Please go back and refer maps in PART 2. Why do I want to discuss this stretch exclusively?

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
Below "Haystack". "Diagonal Riffle" and "Log Hole".

Uniqueness of DePuy's: Character of this stretch is unique to DePuy's. It consists of mostly riffles over weed-beds (with a couple of several-foot deep holes). Indeed this character occupies almost half of entire creek. Armstrong's and Nelson's don't have this feature. However, this section is the least fished and least popular by visiting anglers and even by local anglers and guides.

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
One of the deepest holes of the entire creek.
Only beavers would ever see the reclusive giant trout in the bottom…..

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
"Middle Riffle" marks just about the middle of entire creek.

Misunderstood Section: When I was just a regular customer paying the daily rod-fee, I ended up fishing here with fruitless results. I had informed by local fly-shops and they had directed me either "Upper" (Fly Shop and Fisherman's Hut) or "Lower" (Eva's Hut). Some shop staffs and even guides told me "The middle section is not productive!" But by the time I drove to either one the parking lot was occupied with several cars. That was why I had to fish the middle section. This section was so confusing to me at that time. At least I noticed this is not flat water as the upper, lower, or House Pond reach. I also noticed some cutbank-features with overhanging grasses. "Should I try streamers?" was what I thought. But even before I was ready, some big trout got spooked away from the cutbanks. I waded into middle of creek anyway to position myself to cast toward banks. Then many more trout got spooked away from weed-beds. Of course I did try nymphing. However regular methods and techniques that I knew at that time didn't work but caught only weed-beds. So even after I became a guide, I had labeled here as "Unproductive! Skip!"…….

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
A long run………seemingly featureless……..??

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
How do you read here and cut into pieces?

Enlightened: Along the way, I met Tom Travis who became my guide and mentor. I also met another highly acclaimed outfitter in Livingston, Brant Oswald. Both of them told me "that's WRONG!! There are lots of big trout in middle section!" They even looked somewhat infuriated about the mislead information circulating in the area. Then came my Winter Pass with which I could conduct experiments and observation as many days as I wanted. I spent countless days at middle section. The more I fished (experimented and observed), the more I realized how misinformed I had been (Tom and Brant were correct). Now I'd love to guide and fish the middle section any time of the year.

EOTG Winter at DePuy's
Best fish of 2012 came from the middle of Middle Section!

I have to quote what I have written in an early chapter (PART 2). Due to length, one cannot cover the entire creek in a single day. Also due to the daily rod-fee, not many anglers can afford to visit so many days. Then who would want to spend days for experiments and observation after paying rod-fees? So they tend to fish "Upper" and "Lower." I outgrew that level as a guide and an angler. I am going to unfold the methods and techniques and demystify the middle section.

Satoshi Yamamoto, http://leftyangler.blogspot.com, brought his passion for fly-fishing and fly-tying from Japan to Montana and became the first ever Japanese guide in Livingston, MT. He guides and fishes big rivers like Madison & Yellowstone, spring creeks in Paradise Valley, and various waters in Yellowstone Park. Hence, with his Regal Vise at the bench, his fly tying interests vary from tiny midges to 5 inch streamers and anything in between. Once his ideas are combined he goes out for experiments at those near-by waters. Satoshi submits his innovative patterns to Montana Fly Company (www.montanafly.com). 
His own innovative original patterns can be purchased from his fly-shop, http://leftytyer.blogspot.com.

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