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J. Castwell
September 14th, 1998

Research Proves It

I have seen some rather silly 'research-reports' on TV lately. At least, they seem rather silly to me. A lot of things these days are either good for you, or really bad for you. I am sure you have observed a few of these yourself. Now, I am absolutely positive the folks who have did these research-reports' are very conscientious and did a perfectly valid job.

These things I refer to are usually either something you eat or do. For instance, eggs; some days they are good for you, then other reports say they are bad. Cholesterol; same thing, how much, which kind, what ratio? Who knows? And, if whatever it is, will it be different tomorrow? Probably.

So, I have decided to do a 'research-report' myself. What the heck, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. The difference between 'theirs,' and mine is only slight. I have absolutely no information, data, grants, informed-sources, inside-info, or, anything else to draw from. It all has to come from me. But, as you know, I am up to it. Not having facts has never held me back before. It surely won't this time.

Now, I have to start with a 'premise.' You know, the thing that I am about to prove, or disprove. Well, I think that Fly-fishing is good for ya! There, what do ya think of that? Pretty strong, huh? Let me here quote a famous person, who shall remain 'nameless.' He says that, "People don't repeat actions that do not work." Now, I figure that fly-fishers are 'people' and I am confident that none of us would continue to cast and cast and cast over a simple-minded salmonid if it did not produce results. It just would not happen. We are all a lot brighter than that. We do things that make us feel good. Fly-fishing makes us feel good.

And how about this quote? "People do not continue to repeat the same action, and expect it to produce different results." Hot stuff, this. Expect different results? Like casting and casting and casting over the same diminutive-denizen and expecting that at some point it will quit refusing our fly and 'take' it? Rather not. That is not what we are all about. We know better. That would make us angry. We fly-fish so as not to be angry. Therefore, we do not do those things.

"To expect different results from the same actions is a sign of insanity." Kinda like the one above, but a slight difference. There is now a hint of a mental problem inferred here. Not a chance that it would fit any of us. You have to have brains and intelligence to make enough money to be able to acquire the equipment needed for fly-fishing. No 'loose-noodles' in our crowd. We are smart, intelligent, and know what we like; and we like fly-fishing.

My research also points out it is good physical exercise. Tromping in soggy waders, climbing in and out of stream-banks, the action of casting and retrieving flies from objects behind us, and the various and sundry actions involved with a 'leisure-time' recreation. All good for us, physically.

Next let me address the psychological and emotional. I shall do the two together, for you can't hardly have a good one of one without a good one of the other. The gentle relaxation of tying an elegant and precise fly is good for us. It would not be so if the tying place was a cluttered mess of bits and stuff, but in the orderly and pleasant area we all choose to tie, one can find true peace and tranquility. If the bits and stuff had a habit of flying off the hook, across the table, or fell on the floor one could understand that there may not be much pleasure in it, but, gratefully it is not so.

To present the tied fly to a dim-witted creature which has not evolved even to the point of having the capacity to belch, bothers us not one twit. Eagerly, we do so. For we are emotionally and psychologically in darn good shape. That the creature chomps and destroys the offering is of little concern. My research proves that beyond a doubt.

I do hereby submit thus: Fly-fishing is good for you, and I have here presented the data to back that up.

Well, OK... Now, if the above was not absolutely true and verifiable, we might be in trouble here. But, you and I know it is. And we will swear to it. Fly-fishing is wonderful! I shall hereby submit my application for my grant. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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