Watchin' For You!

J. Castwell
July 6th, 1998

Unnamed to Protect the Innocent (or Guilty)

While flying back to Washington from Michigan this last week I debated with myself about doing this column. By now, most of you know me well enough to know I am a sympathetic, caring, thoughtful, and generally speaking, considerate, well-meaning person. Never would I write a column that would embarrass, or otherwise cast aspersions on my fellow anglers. Never would I do such a thing.

So, with that said; here goes... In the course of learning the 'double-haul,' many have had a bit of difficulty. One may even feel they are singled out as a 'good example of a poor double-hauler.' There was an event this last week which involved the casting of a 'rod' for distance. I supplied the 'rod' and was also the judge of the event. The 'rod' was a standard wood handled broom with guides and a reel seat applied. The line was a weight-forward twelve weight. It was part of 'The Trout Bums Bar-B-Q' on the Au Sable river in Michigan.

The event was held on Saturday, the 27th of June. On Sunday, the 28th of June, I instigated a 'private' tournament with some of the folks who ran the contest the day before. These were not 'in' the contest on Saturday, as the were involved with judging, setting up things, etc. There here now follows a few snap-shots of some casters ( if they can be referred to as that) who's names shall be not be listed (for many of several reasons).

If these bring a smile, or in any way encourage you in your own attempts of the double-haul then my goal has been a worthy one.

You may notice here the 'artisan' seems to be attempting to un-snarl a rather messy 'birds-nest' from the extremely expensive reel. (Approximate value $9.95.)

A serious caster indeed; however is in the process of nearly removing a small piece of 'ear.'

This unknown lady seems to somehow have ensnared the main fly line in the bristles of the broom; definitely a poor style and would cost several points if done in actual competition.

Here in this shot you will observe the very difficult, rarely used maneuver, the 'loop-in-the-air-which-needs-grabbing' cast. A high point cast in any contest. (Degree of difficulty 8.3).

The following photo reveals a common casting fault of the beginning double-hauler. Often called the 'wrap the @#%&$ thing- around-yer-own-&$@+%-neck' cast. Although it is not unique, I felt it justified a place in the sequence.

Remember, these are professional casters. Do not attempt these casts at home. Any resemblance to known 'real' fly fishers is purely a bad thing and a pity.


Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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