Watchin' For You!

J. Castwell
July 20th, 1998

or, FLY-FISHING 2000!

Envision this. A gently flowing stream winding peacefully back and forth thru the most magnificent meadow setting imaginable. The water is a constant temperature all year long, always the same depth. No run-off, no flooding, no drought. The stream has all of the usual features. It has back-eddies with foam, runs with current seams, ripples with rocks, pools with over-hangs, it has everything a stream designer could think of. The water is shallow enough to be waded, deep enough to use a float tube (PFD).

The water runs at the same cfm year around. The 'trout' will be stationary, fixed mounts of REAL fish. The idea being to cast to the open mouth protruding a slight bit above the controlled surface. And the stream is in a 'loop.' That is, it has no start nor stop; it just returns upon itself.

Impossible? Not at all. This is the vision of things to come; and probably very soon. This is 'Fly-fishing, 2000.' Just imagine the possibilities! None of the usual problems of which fly to use, when to go, what equipment to use, etc. This is 'Fly-fishing' at it's very best. Modern technology has taken all of the problems out of it and now ANYONE can be a 'FLY-FISHER'! (For a few paltry bucks).

Artist's Conception
But wait, there is more, far more! Let me explain how it will be. 'These,' streams can be built virtually anywhere, i.e., everywhere, even in a MALL! Just think, no seasons, no weather problems! Any country, any state, any city. There will be 'famous' designers who will travel all over and design these streams for big bucks. This will revolutionize fly fishing as we know it now. They can design in things like 'land-hazzards' which will stick out of the water and offer casting and fishing situations. The possibilities are endless.

The 'loop-streams' (hereafter referred to as 'Gulps') will have set rules. There will be 18 fishing positions on each. An angler may choose to go through twice in one day if he has the time. Thus making an exciting 36 fishing holes in a single day. Fantastic. The idea will be to see (1)how many fish can be 'caught,' (2) using the least possible casts, (3) in the shortest period of time. Dividing the square-root of the former into the later and multiplying by the middle number the angler arrives at the 'score.' After all, fly fishing is a game, therefore it must have a true method of keeping score.

I can see a definite interest here for the U. S Army Corps of Engineers in facilitating the construction of the sleek-creeks, having had much experience in Florida in years past. Commercial enterprise will blossom. Rental equipment, on-stream sales, replacement equipment, how-to books, it's endless.

I foresee the use of 'motorized-float-tubes' for those executives with little time for recreation, (but lots of dollars to spend). The inclusion of a 'gillie' to tag along and tie on flies, remove the fly from the stuffed fish, point out which fly should be used and when, etc. He could carry (at a discreet distance behind you) your 'extra fly rods' and hand you the correct one.

Multi-use could produce additional benefits as the American Hydrofoil Assoc. could possibly use them as a training place for the new 'Lighted Hydrofoil Olympic Games' in 'off-hours'. That of course would be only on the 'un-lighted' non-24 hour streams. Think of the possibilities of incorporating a concession with the Horseshoe Clubs of America to design cris-cross pitching-pits; think of the added interest to all parties! Instead of a caster having to ward off errant canoes, or whatever, he could have the thrill (for an extra fee) of having to duck the odd whizzing horse shoe.

Just think of the benefits of allowing Team Competition in Gulp! The comradery, the agony, the pain! Fly fishing at it's ultimate.

There could be whole new 'attire' developed for the anglers with distinguishing areas so as not to resemble a horse-shoe stake, or, perchance develop fancy stockings or whatever. Endless, I tell you, endless!

Added 'Hazards' of play
And here is one of the major introductions to follow. Not some wimpy 'organization' like say, T.U. or F.F.F., or B.A.U (buggs are us) but a whole NEW dynamic world wide club called TUFFF, (combining of the major two previously mentioned). Now, there is a name! (FFFTU spells nothing and so was discarded) Who among us would not join and support a group with a name like that? They would monitor the infringements of radical outfits like the tennis and badminton folks and such.

Yes, my friends, just give the tackle manufacturers, the fly-pro-shops, the gurus, the industrial giants, business developers, and the computer-geeks a place to stand and watch for the changes. On the way to an area in your neighborhood soon. By the way, to those just mentioned above, ya read about it on here FIRST and I get my 10%!


Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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