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J. Castwell
June 29th, 1998

Friendly Conversation

This is an invitation to those of you who do not have JAVA on your computers, or have not joined us in our 'chat-room.' JAVA is a internet communication program that probably already is on your computer. If you don't know how to "enable" it so you can join us, contact our Help Desk. There may be some other reason you have not come in, such as you don't cast very well, are 'too new' to fly fishing, don't know what to talk about, have not ever been in a 'chat-room,' don't feel you have anything to add, don't want to spend the time, don't have the time, are a bit shy, or some other reason.

I want here and now to personally invite you to try it. Just click on the 'Chat Room' on the left index and when you get to the sign-in page, fill it out and get to know the many other fly fishers from around the world. The 'Chat-room' is designed to offer a 'camp-fire-like' setting for all who attend. The subjects change frequently and cover the full range of fly fishing, fly tying, casting, lines, leaders, rods, reels; where to fish, you name it, and it's there. If it isn't, just bring it up.

Often we have a 'Guest,' some scheduled prominent person from the fly fishing world. That is usually posted on the chat room sign-on page. It is for YOU and we hope you take advantage of it. We have many hosts, who keep the conversation on an even keel and help to provide insight when asked.

Castwell Himself

Many times subjects come up and no answer can be found, only to be researched later and brought back to the camp-fire the next evening. There are times when no host is in the room but you are welcome to join anyway, the room is always open. When you are in the room you use a 'nick name' which you invent upon entering, you are anonymous unless you wish to reveal your true name.

It's fun, informative, free, come-as-you-are (no tie or jacket required ), and you just may enjoy it and learn something; perhaps we can learn from you. Either way, I hope you join us. Pretty nice bunch of folks.


Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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