J. Castwell
May 11th, 1998

Enough is Enough

You get all excited about learning to cast a fly rod and this is what they give you. An old beat up 14 weight junker, 12 feet long with a beat up raggedy fly line ('cause you're just learning). They don't want you to 'hurt' a good fly line, rod, or reel. Some fun, huh? Take any of the wind out of your sails? It sure would out of mine. And yet, it is all too common a picture. What you say? Not in actuality, no; but, in essence it happens every day to a NEW FLY CASTER!

When youngsters start out the very often get dads old fly rod (which seems like a 14wt. 12 footer to them because they are not as big.) Then they are told, "Go ahead, ya can't hurt that old thing." Great, makes a kid feel real special. When I have a chance to help a youngster learn, I let him know he has a very expensive tool to work with, and to treat it with respect. It is also a good enough fly rod to learn to cast on, not some wimpy bargain basement job.

So, come-on dads of the world, play fair. Give the little guys a chance to get it right the first time. If you really don't feel comfortable teaching him to cast, take him to a good fly shop and let them go at it. Chances are they will use at least a respectable fly rod. If not, find a better fly shop.

The future of our sport depends on the youngsters becoming fly fishers, give them a good send off. If they are one of yours you may just gain a better fishing companion for many years to come. And, don't ever think he, or she will ever forget the day they LEARNED TO CAST A FLY ROD!~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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